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"Rocky Bottom" - Seafood New Zealand (April 2002 edition)

I'm more than a little surprised that a recreational fisher or two haven't raised the issue as to where the option4 lot obtained their mandate to speak for recreational fishers with such apparent authority.

Does option4 conduct elections? Does option4 have a constitution? Does option4 have an AGM? Does option4 have a set of rules? Does option4 have a registered office?
Do all of the hundreds of thousands (let¹s say a round million) of recreational fishermen and women know what option4 are saying to the government on their behalf? How does option4 decide exactly what to tell the government on behalf of the million recreational fishermen and women?

Does option4 represent Wanda¹s interests? If Wanda and I disagree with option4 whom do we complain to? How does Wanda go about putting herself up to stand for the presidency of option4?

Does option4 hold meetings? If so, can any recreational fisherman or woman attend? If the answer is yes, where and when is the next meeting? Would it be okay if Wanda and I sit together, preferably up near the front? Should we bring a plate?

Rocky Bottom
Seafood New Zealand Magazine
April 2002

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