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Accord's Letter to Glaister

Hokianga Accord Letter to John Glaister

By Sonny Tau

23 June 2005


John Glaister

Chief Executive

Ministry Of Fisheries

PO Box 1020


Tena Koe John

I write to personally invite you to the hui of non-commercial fishing interests and the Ministry of Fisheries to be held at the Whakamaharatanga Marae, Waimamaku, Hokianga from 27th to 29th July 2005.

The hui of Ngapuhi and other non-commercial fishers at Whitiora Marae, Te Tii earlier this year, has been of immense value. All in attendance learnt so much about our non-commercial interests as well as the customary opportunities available within the Customary Fisheries Legislation currently available to Maori and indeed the general public. We respect your reason for not being able to attend that hui.

This upcoming hui builds on the excellent progress made at Whitiora. This, I believe, will be an excellent opportunity for you to engage with non-commercial fishing interest representatives in the North as well as meeting with representatives from the various whanau and hapu of the Ngapuhi nation.

Let me be frank John, it is the people and leaders in the North that have the challenge of ensuring the real interests of non- commercial fishers are met – more fish in the water. There are many hundreds of thousands of us living from Auckland north, a large proportion who participate in gathering food from the moana at some time or other.  It is not like Fiordlands where there are no people.

I read with interest your comments on the front page of you’re “The Bite” newsletter where you say:  “I am confident that we now have the right strategy to take the Ministry forward.  Looking out over the next four years, the statement defines our core business role as well as how we will work with others who have an interest in fisheries management.  Its overarching theme is one of engagement and collaboration.”  Ngapuhi are enthused with your korero and look forward to giving effect to that statement as well as developing a positive relationship with the Ministry of Fisheries, as we jointly address the issue of sustainable management of our inshore fishery.

I warmly invite you to join us at the birthplace of the Ngapuhi nation, Hokianga. Ngapuhi is of course the nations largest iwi with some 107,000 affiliates who consume a lot of kaimoana (seafood), including fish, so it is only fitting that you at least spend some time with us at this excellent opportunity.

We look forward to welcoming you and your team to Hokianga where tangata whenua and recreational fishing interest groups seek to progress matters of mutual interest in an informative and constructive environment. There is much work to do and much time has been wasted already.

If we are to achieve the goal of more fish in the water together, we are going to need strong leadership at every stage and level of fisheries management. However, even the best of leaders falter if they do not fully understand one and others position and resolve. This can only be achieved kanohi kei te kanohi (face to face) What better opportunity than to share the hospitality of Ngapuhi overnight and meet those striving for more fish in the water as we jointly craft a pathway forward.

If you need clarification to any matter within the scope of this correspondence, I may be contacted directly on 0275-309191 or by contacting our offices on 09 4010084 at any reasonable time.

Mauri Ora

Raniera T (Sonny) Tau



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