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Accord Hui Report

Hokianga Accord Report

May 2011 Hui

"More fish in the water"

"Kia maha atu nga ika ki roto i te wai"

oturei hui may 2011
Some of the participants at the Hokianga Accord hui, Oturei Marae, Kaipara. May 2011

In a break from tradition, the report for the Hokianga Accord May 2011 hui is a short, 9-page document summarising the main discussions.

Further, public awareness initiatives are developed prior to and after each hui, including regular columns in fishing magazines and other publications. The Accord has had 43 monthly Updates published in the New Zealand Fishing News magazine.

Over the past six years the Hokianga Accord has worked with an alliance of various organisations and individuals to achieve "more fish in the water/kia maha atu nga ika ki roto i te wai".


Accord hui report - May 2011

Hokianga Accord hui report

A variety of topics and speakers featured at the 15th overnight public hui of the Hokianga Accord. This 9-page report covers various issues that includes the Foreshore debate, Kaipara turbines and deep sea oil drilling............

13 May 11


Additional information

Hui agenda
Due to unforeseen circumstances some timings and issues were different on the day to what was proposed in this document.


MFish analysis - Section 12 of Fisheries Act
In October 2001 the Ministry of Fisheries provided this analysis of the Minister of Fisheries' obligations to Maori in regards to section 12 of the Fisheries Act 1996. This gives an insight into how MFish see the law being applied.


Kaipara Crest Energy turbine proposal
Ngati Whatua and Te Uri o Hau still have serious concerns about the recent approval to install up to 200 turbines in the Kaipara Harbour entrance. Crest Energy are pushing on despite the strong opposition.....


Kaikoura's coastal guardians
Te Korowai o Te Tai O Marokura, the Kaikoura Coastal Guardians, has achieved widespread public support for their initiatives to protect and enhance the coastal waterways. Read more details on their website..........

Foreshore debate
Mark Solomon and Sonny Tau discussed the controversial passage of the Marine and Coastal Area (Takutai Moana) Act 2011. Read the legislation here...


A statutory body for recreational fishers
There has been much debate around the proposal to establish a statutory body for recreational fishers. Maori are big participants in the fishery and the Accord has made several public comments opposing such a move......


Aquaculture development
Maori have a major commercial interest in developing aquaculture, but there are environmental issues to be considered......


Tuna fishing in the Pacific
Greenpeace is hot on the heels of illegal fishers in the Pacific and any purse seiners using Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs). FADs attract juvenile tuna and other species that get caught in the seine nets.......


Deep sea drilling
A resolution from the hui in support of Te Whanau a Apanui, Ngati Porou and Greenpeace, in opposing deep sea oil drilling in the Raukumara Basin off East Cape, North Island.......


Te Puna Mataitai update
There is deep concern about the lack of progress to implement Te Puna Mataitai. The Accord has again written to the Minister of Fisheries asking for an explanation and date of approval......


Kahawai management
A positive aspect to the Kahawai Legal Challenge and subsequent Ministerial management decision.


A fundraising initiative to support the ongoing advocacy to protect all New Zealander's rights and free access to kaimoana.


Guardians of the Sea Trust
A Trust providing financial assistance to projects seeking to achieve "more fish in the water/kia maha atu nga ika ki roto i te wai".


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