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Accord Hui Report

Hokianga Accord Report

April Hui 2010

"More fish in the water"

"Kia maha atu nga ika ki roto i te wai"

Some of the participants at the Hokianga Accord hui, Oturei Marae, Kaipara. April 2010

In a bid to extend the knowledge of people who do not attend the various Hokianga Accord hui the mid north iwi fisheries forum develops reports on its events. These reports are comprehensive documents detailing the in-depth discussions.

To make these reports more accessible the Accord has split the report into separate sections. We trust this will make the whole document, and most importantly the topics, easier to digest and understand.

Further public awareness initiatives are developed prior to and after each hui. In addition the forum contributes regular columns to fishing magazines and other publications. Up to this April 2010 hui the Accord had 31 monthly Updates published in the New Zealand Fishing News magazine.

Over the past five years the Hokianga Accord has worked with an alliance of various organisations and individuals to achieve "more fish in the water".


Hui report chapters  
Report appendices  


Accord hui report - April 2010

This hui was dedicated to Judah Heihei, co-chairman of the Hokianga Accord, who recently passed away. Judah was a generous, dear friend and leader of many.
Haere, haere, haere.

Hokianga Accord hui report April 2010 - Complete document

132 pages covering all discussions held during the two-day hui held at Oturei Marae, Kaipara. A range of speakers and discussions took place during this hui.
(Caution: large file 2.4MB)

23 Apr 10


Hokianga Accord hui report April 2010
Executive summary - outline of hui discussions and resolutions


Hokianga Accord hui report April 2010
Introduction into topics to be discussed and the people involved.


Fishing interests and representation
Raniera (Sonny) Tau, Accord co-chairman.


200 turbines proposed for Kaipara Harbour
John Retimana and Mihi Watene.


Fisheries 2030 Policy - MFish update
John Beaglehole, Manager, Office of the Chief Executive.


MFish Treaty Strategy
Ben Dalton, Deputy CE Treaty Partnership and Obligations to Maori.


NZ Sport Fishing Council update
Richard Baker, President New Zealand Sport Fishing.


Sustainable seaweed management
Jill Bradley, Director, AgriSea New Zealand.


Seaweed research projects
Tim Haggitt, seaweed expert and researcher.


Hokianga Accord seaweed submissions
Trish Rea, analyst, option4 and Accord.


Aquaculture and finfish farming
Clive Monds, Environment and Conservation Organisations of Aotearoa NZ.


Te Puna Mataitai update
Joe Bristowe and Paul Haddon, Ngapuhi.


Kahawai management and Accord submission
John Holdsworth, Blue Water Marine Research.


Marine protection and diversity in representation
Karli Thomas, Greenpeace Aotearoa New Zealand.


Hiwi the Kiwi Goes Fishing update
Evan Mackay, Vice President, New Zealand Sport Fishing.


Local tikanga and perspectives
Lady Chapman, Naumai, Kaipara.


Recent fisheries management issues
Trish Rea, analyst, option4 and Accord.


Seasonal fishing
Group discussion.


Hui evaluation
Group discussion.



Appendix One
Fisheries 2030 process summary.


Appendix Two
Hokianga Accord joint Bladder Kelp submission 2009.


Appendix Three
Hokianga Accord joint Bladder Kelp submission 2010.


Appendix Four
Hokianga Accord letter to Te Komiti Whakature I Nga Taonga a Tangaroa.


Appendix Five
More Fish in the Water II Strategy.


Appendix Six
Accord joint submission draft North Island West Coast Finfish Fisheries Plan.


Appendix Seven
Hokianga Accord rahui support submission.


Appendix Eight
Hokianga Accord joint T90 trawl net letter of endorsement.


Appendix Nine
Te Hiku O Te Ika T90 trawl net letter of endorsement.


Appendix Ten
Hokianga Accord correspondence.


Appendix Eleven
List of Hokianga Accord Hui, Updates and submissions.


Appendix Twelve
Hui agenda.


Appendix Thirteen
Glossary of acronyms and most common Maori words used throughout the hui report.


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