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Coromandel Scallops

Coromandel Scallop Review

Amateur Fishing Regulations Review

Ministry of Fisheries

8 July 2005


The Ministry of Fisheries is currently undertaking a review of some of the Amateur Fishing Regulations. Part of that review concerns the amateur daily bag limit of scallops taken from the Coromadel area. The Initial Position Paper (IPP) that includes the proposals for this fishery was released on 8th July 2005.


Submissions on the proposals can be sent to:

Amateur Fishing Regulations Amendments

Ministry of Fisheries

PO Box 19747



Email: Sarah.Omundsen@fish.govt.nz .

Deadline for Submissions

The original deadline for submissions was 5 August 2005. On 25th July we received notice from the Ministry of Fisheries (MFish) the deadline has now been extended. New deadline is 5pm Wednesday 10th August 2005. 

option4 Submission

option4 submitted on the proposals from MFish. This submission is available to be read at the links below. Please register here if you are not on our email list and want to receive our Updates and Alerts so you can stay informed and have your input into the process.


To achieve a good level of understanding of complex fisheries management scenarios we believe it is important to read the information in chronological order so you can follow the process.

Coromandel Scallops
Read the option4 submission on the proposal to increase the bag limit for scallops, the primary taker regime, crayfish, mussels and paua.

10 Aug 05

Complete text in a PDF document (30Kb)........ here » »

Deadline Extension

MFish advise the deadline for submissions has been extended to 10th August 2005.

25 Jul 05
Complete text in a PDF document (20Kb)........ here » »


The proposals from the Ministry of Fisheries including the review of the amateur daily bag limit for scallops.

8 Jul 05

Complete text in a PDF document (180Kb)........ here » »

Cover Letter to Stakeholders

Letter sent to stakeholders advising of the Initial Position Paper (IPP) including the scallop review.

8 Jul 05

Complete text in a PDF document (20Kb)........ here » »


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