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Red Gurnard (GUR 3)

This IPP paper to the Minister provides no credible critique of the stock assessment model. There is also no mention of the uncertainty associated with the 1996 recreational survey. It is the Ministry’s job to point out these uncertainties and the caution needed in the face of these uncertainties. The Act requires that the Minister take these into account. It should not be left to the recreational sector (that couldn’t afford to attend meetings in Wellington) or the Minister, to do the Ministry’s job for them.

The quality of this year’s IPP papers clearly shows there is a lack of robust debate on the results and implications of TACC changes in key shared fisheries such as SNA 2, TAR 1 and PAU 5. This is a role that option4 has taken up, so that the recreational right to a quality fishery is not eroded further.

To propose an increase of 43% in a TACC based on a model which estimates in its’ base case that the biomass is 10% below BMSY is ridiculous. The available data indicates that the fishery is not yet stable, and that a precautionary approach is needed in the fishery.

For these reasons we are opposed to the proposed increase in TACC in SNA 2 for 2002-2003.

To achieve a good level of understanding of complex fisheries management scenarios we believe it is important to read the available data in good order.

The various documents have been broken up and reorganised by species and fishery. This facilitates downloading as, intact, these documents are big and unwieldy.

For each fishery management proposal we have submitted to we present the available information in the following order.

  1. The Ministry of Fisheries (MFish) management proposal as presented in the Initial Position Paper (IPP)
  2. The Minister of Fisheries' "Preliminary View" letter.
  3. Submissions to the IPP from option4 and others, as available.
  4. The MFish Final Advise Paper (FAP) incorporating stakeholders submissions
  5. The Ministers Final Decision for the species.
  6. Articles and Letters relating to this fishery, as available
Ministers Final Decision

The Minister's decision for the fishing year commencing 1 October 2002

Sep 2002

More Info...

Final Advice Paper
The Ministry of Fisheries Final Advise paper (FAP) incorporating stakeholders submissions.

Sep 2002

The NZRFC submission to MFish on tarakihi, elephantfish, gurnard 3, snapper 2 and paua 5B, 5D, and paua 7.

31 Jul 02

option4 submission to the IPP from the Ministry

26 Jul 02

(Pdf 30Kb)

Preliminary View
The Minister of Fisheries preliminary view on Gurnard - GUR3.

Jul 2002

Initial Position Paper (IPP) from the Ministry of Fisheries on proposals for Gurnard - GUR3

Jul 2002

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