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Kingfish 8

Kingfish Management in New Zealand

2003 - 2011



kingfish management areas

Kingfish 8

Kingfish 8 is the Quota Management Area for kingfish off the North Island's west coast.

Kingfish were introduced into the QMS in 2003 in controversial circumstances.

There was no recognition given to the fish that recreational fishers had conserved over many years.

Instead, the recreational allowance was based on a dated harvest figure with no allowance made for environmental interests.

The Minimum Legal Size (MLS) for kingfish caught by recreational fishers was set at 750mm. The MLS for commercial fishers was set at 650mm.

The Total Allowable Commercial Catch (TACC) set in 2003 has been exceeded every year since kingfish was introduced into the QMS.

Kingfish was added to the Sixth Schedule in 2005, to enable commercial fishers to release kingfish if they were likely to survive.

This measure has failed to constrain commercial catch to the TACC.

nz sport fishing council



Kingfish 8 - 2011 Proposals



The New Zealand Sport Fishing Council advocate that the principle of TACC increases made solely on the basis of commercial over-catch cannot be considered sound fisheries management.

29 Jul 11


Preliminary view
A Preliminary view of the Ministry's proposals for Kingfish 8, from the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council. This covers the key points that need to be addressed in a submission and suggests alternative management solutions.

15 Jul 11


MFish Reference documents

Phil Heatley's decision was followed by a media release discussing the management decisions for the fishing year beginning 1 October 2011.

26 Sep 11


Phil Heatley's decision follows MFish advice. The TAC and TACC will be increased by 9 tonne. No measures will be implemented to limit commercial over-catch or address concerns about poor observer coverage on chartered trawlers.

23 Sep 11


The Final Advice Paper from the Ministry of Fisheries to the Minister. MFish recommend the TAC and TACC is increased by 9 tonne to accommodate commercial over-catch. No changes to non-commercial allowances.

23 Sep 11


The Ministry of Fisheries' letter advising that the sustainability review of Kingfish 8 is underway. Submissions due by 29 July 2011.

30 Jun 11


MFish Initial Proposal Paper (IPP)

The Ministry of Fisheries Initial Position Paper (IPP) proposing a 9 tonne increase in TACC and no changes to the allowances. Any change would apply from 1 October 2011.

30 Jun 11



2005 Management Proposals

Kingfish 8 (West coast North Island)

The Ministry of Fisheries issued an Initial Position Paper (IPP) for kingfish 8 (KIN8) on the west coast of the North Island.

Original submission deadline was 29th July 2005. The deadline was extended to 5pm Wednesday 10th August.

option4 sent out Alert #8 on August 2nd to inform people of this proposal and MFish recommendations for other fisheries.

Read the Ministry's IPP and the option4 submission sent to MFish in response to the IPP at the links below » »



To achieve a good level of understanding of complex fisheries management scenarios we believe it is important to read the available data in good order.

The various documents have been broken up and reorganised by species and fishery. This facilitates downloading as, intact, these documents are big and unwieldy.

For each fishery management proposal we have submitted to we present the available information in the following order:

  1. The Ministry of Fisheries (MFish) management proposal as presented in the Initial Position Paper (IPP)
  2. The Minister of Fisheries' "Preliminary View" letter.
  3. Submissions to the IPP from option4 and others, as available.
  4. The MFish Final Advise Paper (FAP) incorporating stakeholders submissions
  5. The Ministers Final Decision for the species.
  6. Articles and Letters relating to this fishery, as available
KIN8 - 2005

Ministers Decision Letter

After some delay the Minister's letter confirms his September statement that a code of practice would be developed with commercial fishers to improve the management of this important fishery.

Complete text in a PDF document (80Kb)................................ here »

22 Nov 05


Ministers Decision

The Minister has agreed to regulations that will allow kingfish to be returned to the sea by commercial fishers, providing they will survive. Read more about this measure here » »

30 Sep 05


More Info...

Final Advice Paper

Ministry's advises the Minister "that there is no basis for increasing the TACC for KIN8 simply because commercial landings exceed this level".

Complete text in a PDF document (70Kb)........ here »

Sept 2005


option4's supportive submission sent to MFish including some suggestions for developing a code of conduct.

10 Aug 05

More Info...

Complete text in a PDF document (90Kb)........ here »
PDF Here ...
Ministry of Fisheries

MFish advise the deadline for submissions has been extended to the 10th August.

Complete text in a PDF document (20Kb)........ here »

25 Jul 05

Ministry of Fisheries proposal for kingfish off the west coast of the North Island.

1 Jul 05

More Info...

Complete text in a PDF document (43Kb)........ here »
PDF Here ...


Initial Position Paper (IPP) from the Ministry of Fisheries on the introduction of kingfish into the Quota Management System. This sets out the Ministry's view on how the species should be managed with the QMS.
Complete text in a PDF document (277Kb)........ here »

14 May 03


PDF Here ...

IPP Letter

Introductory letter from the Ministry of Fisheries asking for submissions on the kingfish IPP.

15 May 03

More Info...

Preliminary View

Letter from Minister of Fisheries.
Kingfish is due to enter the QMS on 1 October 2003. I am writing to inform you of my initial views on options for sustainability measures and other management controls for this species….

28 May 03


More Info...

option4 submission on the introduction of kingfish into the Quota Management System 1 October 2003
Complete text in a PDF document (63Kb)........ here »

17 June 03

PDF Here ...

NZ Recreational Fishing Council (NZRFC) submission on the introduction into the QMS of kingfish.

15 June 03

More Info...

NZ Big Game Fishing Council (NZBGFC) submit to the introduction of kingfish into the QMS. An interesting read
Complete text in a PDF document (59Kb)........ here »

13 June 03

PDF Here ...

Mark Feldman has written a short, sharp submission on the introduction of kingfish into the QMS.

25 June 03

More Info...

An in depth submission from Bert Lee of Tolaga Bay East Cape Charters. Bert is an experienced fisherman and charter operator.

31 May 03

More Info...

NZBGFC Submission on the introduction of new species into the Quota Management System 1 October 2003. Recreational fishers believe that New Zealand's world-class kingfish sport fishery is under threat.

11 July 03

More Info...

Final Advice Paper

The Final Advice Paper for the introduction of kingfish into the Quota Management System
Complete text in a PDF document (204Kb)........ here »

6 Sept 03


PDF Here ...

Ministers Final Decision

The Minister of Fisheries decision on allocation for kingfish in the QMS
Complete text in a PDF document (46Kb)........ here »

3 Sept 03

PDF Here ...

Articles and Letters

The Ministry responds to a question regarding the process for final advice to the Minister on the introduction of kingfish into the QMS

Aug 2003

More Info...

option4 article regarding kingfish allocation - NZ Fishing News
"Put that kingfish back so the commercial fishermen can catch their new quota."

July 2003

More Info...

Rick Pollock writes to the Minister regarding pre - QMS kingfish scramble for quota and catch history.

July 2003

More Info...

Mark Feldman writes to the Minister of Fisheries regarding kingfish being brought into the QMS.

27 June 03

More Info...

option4 write to the Minister regards his upcoming allocation decisions for Kingfish as it enters the QMS

7 May 2003

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