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Shared Fisheries

Govt Wants to Talk About Fish Takes

National Business Review article

16 January 2006


This article was originally printed in the National Business Review 16 Jan 2006

Who gets how much of what – from the National Business Review

The Fisheries Ministry is to begin talks in February with key recreational, customary and commercial groups about allocation of shared fisheries -- including snapper, rock lobster, paua, blue cod, kingfish and kahawai -- Fisheries Minister Jim Anderton said today.

A discussion document is slated for mid-June.

Mr Anderton said he hoped the talks will help reduce conflict between the non-commercial and commercial sectors.

"The government wants to get better value from our shared fisheries. To manage fisheries for greater benefit, we need people working together, rather than against each other," Mr Anderton said.

Mr Anderton said one of the biggest problems in shared fisheries is deciding how much of the catch each sector can take.

"Unfortunately, current fisheries legislation does not give us a robust framework for resolution of allocation issues in shared fisheries. This had led to a lot of uncertainty, which in turn can lead to conflict and tension between the sectors. Uncertainty produces a bad investment environment for industry.

"As a first step in the process of developing a new framework for managing shared fisheries, I have asked the Fisheries Ministry to begin talking with key recreational, customary and commercial sector groups in February

"The Ministry will discuss with these groups the allocation issues they think need addressing, and ask for suggestions on how to resolve these issues.

"These ideas will be used to develop a document for public discussion, which will contain practical options to address the issues of concern in shared fisheries. I hope to release this in mid June.

"Success in this current process will require goodwill and commitment to positive outcomes from all parties," Mr Anderton said.

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