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Recreational Harvest Estimates 2000

Review of Harvest Estimates


September 2002

“Review of Harvest Estimates from recent New Zealand National Marine Recreational Fishing Surveys” by Robert Kearney, Professor of Fisheries, University of Canberra – released in September 2002

Over the last two decades there have been numerous surveys of recreational fishing in New Zealand. The scope and scale of these surveys varied enormously, as has the utility of the results.

In response to growing awareness of the magnitude and importance of recreational fishing and the need to base management decisions on adequate knowledge of all fisheries resource uses, the Ministry of Fisheries commissioned the first large-scale national survey of marine recreational fishing in 1995/96. A second national survey was carried out in 1999/2000. Both of these surveys
produced a wealth of extremely valuable information on how many anglers there are in New Zealand, the distribution and associated demographics of marine recreational fishing throughout the country, the amount of fishing done by individuals and the species caught and their size distributions. The aggregate of this information from each survey provided estimates of the total recreational harvest from marine waters. The two estimates of the total harvest varied by
approximately 300%.

As differences of this magnitude in estimates of the recreational catch have significant implications for fisheries management and resource use policy, a review of the results of the two surveys, and in particular the reasons for the differences between them, was commissioned in July 2002. This report represents the results of that review.

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