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Scallop 1

Scallop 1 (SCA1)

Northland East and West Coast

Due to the highly variable nature of the scallop population, the Ministry of Fisheries review the status of the scallop 1 (SCA1) fishery every year. The purpose of the annual survey is to determine how much, if any, extra catching rights will be allocated for that particular year.

An outcome of the survey is an Initial Position Paper (IPP) that gives the survey results and the Ministry's proposals for increasing the Total Allowable Catch (TAC) for the upcoming fishing season.


2006 Consultation

The Ministry of Fisheries (MFish) published their IPP on August 2nd and have asked for submissions to be sent to them by Thursday 24th August.

A meeting is scheduled for Friday August 18th to discuss the proposal, the details are as follows:

Date: 18th August
Time: 1 - 4pm
Venue: Hatea Conference Room, Settlers Hotel
  61 - 69 Hatea Drive, Whangarei

Any questions relating to the Ministry of Fisheries' proposal can be sent to MFish:

Ministry of Fisheries

PO Box 19-747, Avondale, Auckland

Contact: Arthur Hore
Phone: 09 820 1990
Email: arthur.hore@fish.govt.nz

Questions or feedback to option4 can be sent to :


PO Box 37-951, Parnell, Auckland

Contact: Trish Rea
Phone: 09 818 6205
Email: trish@option4.co.nz
Please note:  Submissions due by August 24th 2006


Northland Scallops
Minister of Fisheries
The recommendations put to the Minister, the gazette notice and final decision letter signed by Jim Anderton for SCA1.

18 Oct 06

(Pdf 390Kb)

The Minister has agreed to an in-season increase in commercial catch of Northland Scallops. There is no baseline increase for recreational or customary catch.

10 Oct 06

(Pdf 130Kb)

A joint submission sent to the Ministry of Fisheries by NZBGFC and option4 on the Ministry's proposal for Northland Scallops.

24 Aug 06

Ministry of Fisheries
Initial Position Paper (IPP) from the Ministry of Fisheries on proposals for Northland Scallops (SCA1).

2 Aug 06

(Pdf 170Kb)

Letter from MFish advising of the IPP for Northland Scallops and asking for submissions by 24th August.

2 Aug 06

Articles and Letters
MFish press release advising of the annual scallop survey to assess the main scallop beds in Northland.

11 May 06

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