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The Fishing Show News

The Fishing Show

News from Matt Watson

October 2004


This is a message to remind you all to tune in to Sky Sport 1 on Monday night at 8pm to check out the first show in our new TV series 'The Fishing Show'.

If you don't have Sky don't panic you can catch THE FISHING SHOW free to air on Prime on Saturdays at 2.30 from the 23rd.

We have really got some exciting footage for you all to see so check it out and make sure your mates don't miss it either, they'll spew if they miss it!

This shameless self - promotion is so the show gets ratings and we can keep delivering THE FISHING SHOW to the NZ public so forward it on to everyone in your address book (just like I have). If you want to check out our website go to www.thefishingshow.co.nz

Monday - 8pm Sky Sport 1 - Don't miss it

Look forward to hearing from ya's!


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