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option4 Address to Auckland Conservation Board

option4 Address to Auckland Conservation Board Meeting
26th February 2004

by Stef Railey


To: Auckland Conservation Board
From: option4

Unfortunately we cannot be at the meeting today due to prior commitments. Stef Railey has agreed to read this statement on our behalf.

We are confused. For 9 months option4 have been addressing the Board about community concerns regards marine reserve consultation process – or lack thereof. option4 have consistently endeavoured to pass on the very common community sentiment that an integrated and coordinated approach to marine protection is essential - that the piecemeal, ad hoc approach to placing marine reserves is not working and was in fact spoiling the mood and readiness of the community to tackle the daunting task of marine protection.

We thought progress was being made towards a coordinated, strategic approach - a process that DoC has agreed is necessary to achieve effective marine protection – a process that would include organisations involved in the marine environment.

We now learn DoC Wellington have commissioned CRESA to conduct research into the publics view on marine protection and the coastal environment. DoC has supplied CRESA with a list of contacts for fishing interests in Auckland. There is no reference to any national representative fishing organisation. Those people have been asked to participate in a focus group. We have asked DoC Wellington to explain to us what they hope to achieve with his research. Perhaps DoC Auckland representatives can shed some light on the purpose of this research and where it fits with an integrated and coordinated approach to marine protection.

We would like to know:

  1. Is DoC seriously intending to address the clearly defined and agreed upon need for an integrated and coordinated approach to marine protection? And if so,
  2. What is the time frame?
  3. What is the budget?
  4. Who will be responsible?
  5. What processes are envisaged?
  6. Will there be any applications put forward for marine reserves by DoC in the meantime?

We would like a written response from DoC Auckland to these questions please. May we have the answers to these questions within 10 days.

Thank you for your time.
The team at option4.


Read the report from the CRESA focus group meeting held in Whangarei here >> >>


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