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option4 Letter Foveaux Strait

Foveaux Strait Ecosystem Management Programme


8 September 2004


Keith Michael

NIWA Research Centre

Private Bag 14-901



Email: k.michael@niwa.co.nz

September 8, 2004

Foveaux Strait Ecosystem Management Programme

Dear Michael

On behalf of option4 I would like to congratulate NIWA on their initiative to propose research in the Foveaux Strait area and would like to express our support for the project. One of our representatives attended the NIWA ecosystem workshop held at Invercargill on Friday 27 August to discuss the proposal. He was very complementary of the presentation, the aims and objectives as described by you and Glen Carbine.

option4 are a group of non-commercial fishers operating nationwide, advocating the public's right to fish. We operate a website www.option4.co.nz and deliver Updates on a regular basis to our database. We have a policy of a coordinated, integrated approach to marine protection so any work that contributes to the health of the marine environment in Foveaux Strait would be beneficial for the people we represent.

As a stakeholder we consider it important to be part of the process as it develops. I understand you have already talked with Dave Craze and given him information he has requested in relation to the key research issues. We support the proposed research, as described, and would like to be kept informed as the programme continues.


Yours sincerely

Trish Rea

option4 spokesperson


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