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Submission Form
Great Barrier Island Proposed Marine Reserve

The following questions (1-8) are reproduced as per the DoC questionnaire. We would ask that you complete the DoC form and then, PLEASE, carry on and complete your submission to this Marine Reserve Proposal, by answering Questions 9 through 14 and then add any comments you have.

Question # 4 on the DoC questionnaire is their only YES/NO type question. We do not believe that this question is balanced or reasonable. We feel it is fair to expect the Department to ask straight questions now and base their application on the open and transparent analysis of submissions made. To ask "Do you support the principle of a marine reserve somewhere on the north-east coast of Great Barrier" only serves to offer the Department the opportunity to pick and choose the response they are looking for. We offer you Questions 9 through 14 as a more objective approach to gauge your support or opposition to this marine reserve proposal.

Note: this submission form is displayed exactly how it was originally presented but the submit action has been disabled because submissions closed 31 July 2003.
The following is the Department of Conservations proposal document questionnaire.
A Marine Reserve for Great Barrier Island?
We want to know your opinions and ideas before we prepare a formal application for a marine reserve on the northeast coast of Great Barrier Island. Your views are important, so make sure you have your say. Please fill out this questionnaire and send it to: Department of Conservation; Attn Jim Flack; Private Bag; Port Fitzroy; Great Barrier Island. If you want more information or to discuss any issues, contact Jim Flack at DOC Fitzroy, Ph (09) 429 0238 e-mail: jflack@doc.govt.nz
* mandatory
(for option4 use only)
(if applicable)
Position with above:
1. What is your involvement with Great Barrier Island?

Land or property owner
Regular visitor
Occasional visitor
Overseas visitor
Other (please tell us)

2. How often do you visit the northeast coat of Great Barrier (area shown on map)?
3. How do you use the area, and which parts of it? (Please give details of use and location - you can mark areas on the map
  Customary fishing/harvesting Educational activities
  Commercial fishing Scientific studies
  Recreational fishing Other: swimming, sightseeing, walking, surfing, sunbathing
  Boating, sailing, windsurfing, water-skiing Diving, scuba, snorkelling
  Other: (please tell us what)
4. Do you support the principle of a marine reserve somewhere on the northeast coast of Great Barrier Island?
  Yes No  
  If your answer is no, why not?
5. How do you think you may benefit from a marine reserve on the northeast coast?
6. If you think any part of the Whangapoua Estuary should be excluded from the marine reserve proposal, please mark it on the map and tell us your reasons.
7. Are there any particular areas on the northeast coast and offshore waters that you think should not be protected as a marine reserve? If there are, please mark them on the map and tell us your reasons.
8. Are there any other comments you would like to make about a marine reserve in the area? (Attach extra pages if required)
  Below are further questions proposed by option4 that were not included in DoC's submission form.
9. Do you support the "Area of Interest" as proposed to become a marine reserve?
    Yes No
10. Do you believe that a coordinated approach to marine protection is required before this marine reserve proposal (if it receives support from the public) goes forward as an Application?
    Yes No
11. Are you concerned that DoC has no intention of arranging public meetings in Auckland to consult with the public?
    Yes No
12. Have DoC advertised the process and distributed brochures to your satisfaction? Is their process adequate?
    Yes No
13. Please indicate which of the following questions you would like DoC to answer as they justify the need for a marine reserve on the north-east coast of Great Barrier?
  1. What is so unique that it/they require the complete protection of a no take marine reserve in perpetuity?
  2. Why have de-facto marine reserves not been studied or proposed as marine reserves?
  3. Why is fishing the ONLY threat?
  4. What scientific study can be undertaken in a marine reserve that cannot be undertaken whilst fishing continues?
  5. How does DOC intend to address displaced fishing effort and the consequential decline in fishing success in the remaining fishing grounds?
  6. What are the fisheries benefits that arise from the declaration of a marine reserve? Where is the evidence of those benefits?
  7. How do marine reserves contribute to improved fishing success? Where is the evidence of those benefits?
  8. What cost/benefit analysis has been done to uphold the claims of economic benefits from tourism etc?
  9. Where else in NZ other than Leigh do marine reserves foster an eco-tourism economy?
  10. Are the Leigh and Poor Knights examples supported by any proper analysis, and how widely spread are the eco-tourism benefits in Leigh and Tutukaka?
Do you have any additional comments to make?
  Please enter something in the following final check field to confirm that you have you completed all the questions that you want to respond to?