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Marine Protection

Protecting our precious marine environment

Update #43 NZ Fishing News June 2004
If ever there was a time to ride the wave of public awareness for the need to protect our precious marine environment now is the hour. Gone is the alibi of ignorance and obliviousness...

June 2004

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Marine Reserves

Paterson Inlet

Selfish attempts from groups intent on sabotaging the Government's marine reserve vision in New Zealand would fail, Conservation Minister Chris Carter said when announcing the latest marine reserve at Stewart Island. And that's not all......

June 2004


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Your Right to Fish
“Blast from the past”

In 2000 Jon Gadsby penned this article for the Metro magazine. A reread certainly helps to put core issues into perspective. Well done Jon Gadsby.

Dec 2000

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Fisheries Management

Kahawai - Easy to use submission form online June 2004

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FAQ - The most common question
Should we stop fishing during spawning?
Then there would be more fish able to spawn, more eggs in the water and more fish in the future. The simple answer is that more eggs does not mean more fish will survive from that breeding season....



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News & Issues



The inaugural online newsletter from the NZ Angling and Casting Association. Find out what's happening on the beaches and more.....

Available in a printable format (324K)

June 2004


Storm Bay, Great Barrier

This issue is really about the rights of the public to utilise a traditional sheltered anchorage over the rights of a commercial operation to exclude the public for financial gain.

June 2004


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Auckland Conservation Board
The next meeting of the ACB is Thursday 24th June. Venue is the DoC office, 6th floor, corner Karangahape Road and Liverpool Street. 9.30am. Be there to hear an update on the Great Barrier Island marine reserve proposal from DoC.

June 2004


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