option4 Update # 71 May 2006

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The Ultimate Challenge

The Ministry of Fisheries has initiated the Shared Fisheries Policy project. This project is the Ministry's latest attempt to reform the law, change the way inshore shared fisheries are managed and define how much of the total fish catch each sector can take.

option4, the New Zealand Big Game Fishing Council and the New Zealand Recreational Fishing Council have committed to working with Maori on this project. This commitment is the result of the relationships forged with Maori through the Hokianga Accord. The objective of this collective approach is to achieve the best possible outcome for all non-commercial fishermen.

Your Mandate

After spending six years protecting the public's right to fish option4 has gained a wealth of experience dealing with the Ministry of Fisheries.

option4 want your mandate to speak for you and your family on allocation issues. Their insight and collective knowledge make them the ideal team to achieve the best outcome for all non-commercial fishermen.

Go here to find out more and confirm you want option4 to represent your interests and speak on your behalf in regards to the Shared Fisheries Policy.


Fisheries Management

Kahawai Court Case Delayed

The judicial review on kahawai has been delayed due to the lack of evidence from the Crown and late receipt of the commercial fishers evidence. The NZBGFC, the NZRFC, Ngapuhi and option4 are committed to the legal case and are determined the delay will not derail the process.


Fisheries Forums

Hokianga Accord

Having Maori and Pakeha in the same room, talking about fisheries and the protection of our marine environment has been enlightening. The outcome has been greater understanding and respect for each other.

While the Ministry of Fisheries seem to have some difficulty with this relationship, those who have been involved in the Hokianga Accord agree with Chairman, Sonny Tau when he says, “Pakeha have the knowledge, we have the tools. Let's use this combined power and stick together as we look to preserve our fundamental right to put food on our tables to feed our babies.”

Another hui to discuss “more fish in the water” .Keen to participate in this experience?

Please contact us at hokianga@option4.co.nz for details.

Background info available here…..


Recreational Forums

Background info here


Marine Protection

Groundbreaking News!

Ngati Wai have taken the Dept of Conservation and the Minister to court over marine reserves. Read more here…..


Kaitiakitanga – Guardianship

A chance to prove that kaitiakitanga is an alternative to marine reserves. Coverage of the meeting held on Great Barrier Island (Aotea) to discuss DoC's marine reserve application and whether MFish should be approving the application.


Akaroa Marine Reserve

DoC are supporting a marine reserve in the middle of a taiapure. Check out how you can help the local recreational and commercial fishermen plus tangata whenua to protect their local management aspirations over another grab of fishing grounds.


Nugget Point

The cost of DoC's latest push for a marine reserve at Nugget Point.


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