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Section 12 Definition

Section 12 (Fisheries Act 1996) Policy Definition

Ministry of Fisheries

October 2001

Hokianga Report

Appendix Two

Key components of statutory consultation


  1. The key components that need to be incorporated into statutory consultation required by the Fisheries Act have been identified as follows:
  • A well defined proposal to be consulted on.
  • Provision of appropriate information to those being consulted to enable them to effectively participate in the consultation process (this should include the particular proposals up for discussion as well as the consultation process to be followed).
  • Adequate time allowed for those consulted to:
    • Consider information provided.
    • Request further information or clarification.
    • Consult with those they represent.
    • Formulate their ideas and responses.
  • Appropriate opportunity must be provided for those consulted to convey their views and due notice must be taken of those views.
  • Responses must be received with an open mind and due respect accorded those views before the decision is made.
  • Provision of feedback on final decisions including how the views expressed in the consultation process have been incorporated or otherwise into those decisions.
Ministry's full definition of section 12 is available
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