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Meeting Minutes Nov 2001

option4 Meeting Minutes

14 Nov 2001


Present: Apologies:
Scott Macindoe - Chairman Peggy Barnes
Paul Barnes - Project Leader Andrew Hellisoe
Diane O'Sullivan Bob Burstall
Kim Walshe Bill Kirk
Bill Cooke Geoff Green
Trish Rea Paul Batten
Richard Baker Ash Ready
Bernie Ward  

Fiordland Update
Agreed that option4 must reiterate its position on wider issues of right definition.
GOFF proposals intending to introduce further restrictions on the recreational fishing right contradict Ministerial statements previously made.
Refer to letter to Minister re GOFF/Regulations from option4 to be posted by 17/11/01

Kaipara Update
Submissions are due by 30/11/01. Obviously closely related in principle to Fiordland scenario. Helensville meeting attended by 3 option4 crew. Undertaking made at that meeting to collate feedback and undertake another round of public consultation.
Separate Quota Management Area proposal has some incredible snags e.g. averaging historical over fishing data and locking that into the future fishing on the Kaipara. The issue is reducing the catch – no assurance that a separate area will have that effect.
The snapper issue has been sidestepped. Why is there not more focus on snapper e.g. Minimum legal size disparities?
John and Diane will have first draft of option4’s submission to the team by 22/11/01

SIA/Sanford’s “Take a Kid Fishing” campaign.
Meeting with SIA last week minuted and agreed upon by those present. The survey form that SIA have prepared for their members was sent without option4 input (time constraints) The option4 Update # 11 was sent to SIA executive on Monday with the suggestion that it be circulated to their members to help them make an informed decision.
NZBGFC has expressed complete support on stance option4 is taking.
Some discussion re NZRFC position re this issue. Agreed that a letter be written to RFC seeking clarification of their position – time is of the essence – urgent reply required in order to assist NZSIA to work through these complex issues to a satisfactory win/win outcome.

Charitable Trust document drafted and will be circulated next week for final approval. The need for structure and clearly demonstrable product/objectives was reiterated. The timetable for an effective action is Feb/Mar/April next year. Several good suggestions tabled and noted.

Regulations Review
Agreed the Regulation review is an important element of the ongoing correspondence with the Minister. The letter to the Minister re GOFF to be expanded slightly to assist this review.

NZRFC numbers
The request for some clarification of the 300,000 members has not been responded to by NZRFC. There is some anecdotal discussion as to how the number is arrived at. A list totalling some 230,000 odd was tabled. Some confusion as to how this reconciles with membership or representative status. Agreed another request be sent to NZRFC.

option4 Update # 11
Sent on Saturday 10/11/01, this has generated 900 responses to date.
Approximately 98% answering Yes to both legal and scientist roles. Very encouraging. Some 80 new registered supporters and a very good 100+ people “Promoted” by friends. Perhaps most valuable have been the 20 people who have made contact and offered whatever help we need and a couple of substantial financial commitments – certainly makes it all worth while to be on the receiving end of such wholehearted support and encouragement.


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