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Reference Documents -Your Rights

See Also the General Reference Material  
An over-arching representative
Creating an over-arching body to represent marine amateur fishing interests has been the topic of hot discussion lately. A number of possible options have been discussed, including the possibility of smart-cards, membership or licence fees. Read a report of the March meeting held to discuss these possibilities here.........

12 Apr 10



28N Rights
Holders of section 28N rights are the first stakeholders to receive extra quota if there is an increase in the TACC for a fish stock. This explanation of these rights has been provided by the Ministry of Fisheries.

May 2006


Marine recreational fishing: Perceptions and Behaviour

Discussion paper on the perceived state of our fishery and how licensing would impact on peoples behaviour.
By Geoffrey N. Kerr, Ken F.D. Hughey and Ross Cullen. Commerce Division. Lincoln University, NZ.

Sept 2003


A model for the Allocation of Maori Fisheries Settlement Assets

An incredible document that offers insight into the huge amount of work
required by all involved to allocate the fisheries assets that came about by
way of the 1992 Deed of Settlement.

May 2003
Links to www.tokm.co.nz

Warning 7.7Mb

Pearse report  - Fisheries Policy Development in NZ

This report suggests the solution to solve fisheries issues is to allocate an explicit share to recreational interests. The proportional share ideaology has a history.

July 1991

Economic Value of recreational fishing in New Zealand - 1999 report

Policy presciptions involving the allocation of fisheries management between commercial and recreational sectors should consider the net benefirs to the sectors involved, and accordingly this project was commissioned to estimate the value of recreational fishing to New Zealand.....
This report contains much information of value to assist fisheries managers to make well balanced and informed decisions, such as the allocation of Kingfish between sectors upon its introduction to the Quota Mangement System.





option4 Political Party Fisheries Policy Analysis

23 Jul 02

Ministry revise their Consultation plan for 2002

4 Feb 02

Ministry of Fisheries draft "Consultation Plan for Recreational Fishing
Reform - 2002/2003"

21 Dec 2001

Some relevant references from the Fisheries Act 1996

The original Soundings Public Discussion Document


The 1989 National Policy for Marine Recreational Fishing - otherwise known as Moyle's Promise

Property Rights and Recreational Fishing: Never the Twain Shall Meet? - J. McMurran

Complete text in printable format here....................................


Reserved Judgement of McGechan J

24 Apr 97


Judgment of the Court Delivered By Tipping J

22 Jul 97


Ministry of Fisheries Interpretation of the Fisheries Act 1996

Section 8 96Kb pdf
Section 9 85Kb pdf
Section 10 68Kb pdf
Section 11 90Kb pdf

Section 11a 60Kb pdf
Section 12 81Kb pdf
Section 13 114Kb pdf

See Also the General Reference Material  
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