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Kahawai – Stand and Fight or Lose It

Your opportunity to make a difference to the future management of fisheries in New Zealand is now available. Support the Kahawai Legal Challenge by joining with thousands of other New Zealanders who are outraged at losing their right to fish for food. It’s easier than you think.

Five easy ways to Stand and Fight

  1. Request your Kahawai Legal Challenge Supporters Booklet so you can approach your friends and family and ask for a financial contribution to support the Legal Challenge.
  2. Share the information in the Booklet with your family and friends.
  3. Hang the poster in a prominent place so more people become aware of what you and the Challenge are trying to achieve.
  4. Give them the opportunity to request their own Supporters Booklet so they can help.
  5. Gather orders for the Kahawai Legal Challenge T-shirt.

The Supporters Booklet contains:

    • Information.
    • 20 coupons including receipts specifically designed to empower you to collect money.
    • Simple to use T-shirt order forms
    • An order from so others can request a Booklet of their own.
    • A self-addressed envelope for returning the Booklet free of charge.

This is your chance to take action and make a difference for our future generations ability to fish. We need you to stand and fight to STOP the madness.

Confidentiality Assured

All personal information supplied will remain private. The Kahawai Legal Challenge team will only use information for the purposes of completing orders and keeping you informed.

Thank you

We appreciate your willingness and commitment to Stand and Fight. You are the difference in the success of this Challenge and we want to help you anyway we can. If you have any further queries please email us at contact@kahawai.co.nz or phone 09 8186205 for a prompt response.

Four years ago this type of action raised over 70,000 submissions to the Ministry of Fisheries ‘Soundings’ process. With your help we can do it again. It couldn’t be easier.

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