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Kahawai Poem


For The Kahawai

by Lew Ritchie

November 2005


May there be bigger ones

and more of them in the Water    

No rush, wheel, cry and skirmish

of tern, gull, and petrel.
No flick, swirl, flash and flurry of

Our heritage now commonly a

silent, empty, lead-grey sea.

Once, not long ago,

any time, any where

on any northern coast,
without want, without fail,

easily, sustainably, with
Great Sport, Huge Fun,

Always Excitement, and

More than a little Wonder,

A Fine Catch and a

Worthy, Reliable Meal …..
there was always, always

One for you and One for me.

Fish of Inestimable Value,

Everyman's Fish Forever….

(or so we all thought, but….),

Greed, illimitable plunder,

disaster unforeseen by
Bureaucrats appointed to

manage and control, but

with No Quota Applied!

(although freely given

to ‘more desirable fish‘!)….

From Insignificant By-catch to,

No.2 in inshore catch, to

Rapid, Huge Decline….

stuff of bait and fertiliser and

low value, bulk fished because

‘it was there' and without limit….

work for winter bulk fishers

when skipjack faded with the summer.

God what a bloody, hideous, wanton Waste!
How dare greedy thoughtless bulk exploiters, and managers uncaring, deny a

Great New Zealander,

no less than tui, pipi or black tree fern,

the right to Thrive
and Us All derive

Great Pleasure and Reward.

Bugger you bureaucrats!

Bugger you bulk exploiters!
Stop this uncaring slaughter!

Inshore Seas need Biomass –

Bigger Kahawai and

more of them in the water!



For option4, the kahawai heroes, with grateful thanks for the huge, magnificent job you have done to help restore the kahawai to its proper place – L.D.R. 11/05



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