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TOKM article Oct 2005


Accountability urged as kahawai enters QMS

Tangaroa – TOKM Newsletter

October 2004


This article was originally published in the Tangaroa - Official newsletter of the Treaty of Waitangi Fisheries Commission.

KAHAWAI IS AN important species for Maori and has been introduced into the QMS from 1 October 2004.

Historically, kahawai has been a recreational fish as either bait or sport. However for Maori it remains an important food source.

Under the QMS Maori are entitled to 20 percent of the TACC. Recreational fishers have voiced concern at its introduction into the QMS, saying the species is already on the decline.

However Commission spokesperson Tania McPherson says one of the big problems for the sustainable management of kahawai is that there is no formal feedback on the amounts of fish being caught by recreational fishers.

“It has been very difficult to determine how much fish is caught for consumption and how much is caught for sport.

“Charter boat operators catching for entertainment don't have to provide any information on the amounts they are catching.

“That makes it difficult to determine the health of the fishery and to be able to implement sustainable management programmes.

Tania adds “If we want to ensure a healthy kahawai fishery for everyone, there needs to be more accountability from recreational and customary users to provide information feedback for sustainability in the same way that commercial fishers have to report their catches.”

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