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Kahawai Management in New Zealand



Kahawai were introduced into the Quota Management System (QMS) on 1st October 2004. Before their introduction the Ministry of Fisheries issued their management proposal in a document, an Initial Position Paper (IPP) dated January 2004. Submissions to the IPP were due by 16th April 2004. option4, the NZ Big Game Fishing Council and the NZ Angling & Casting Association submitted jointly.

The Minister released his decision and the Final Advice Paper on 10th August 2004. All parties to the original submission were outraged at the decision and have subsequently taken action to challenge the decision. Included in David Benson-Pope's decision was the commitment to review the decision in 2005.

Kahawai in 2005
Another kahawai IPP was released by the Ministry on 8th July this year. option4, the NZ Big Game Fishing Council and the NZ Recreational Fishing Council submitted on the new proposals. A 10% proportional reduction in catches on top of last year's 15% cut will still not address the issues or provide for a fast rebuild of our kahawai stocks.

Please take the time to read the information provided and support the Kahawai Legal Challenge as we Stand and Fight to protect this fishery.

How you can Help

If you would like to have input into future submissions please register your details so we can send you an electronic Update to advise of your options.

Order your Support Pack now and help the organisations taking this challenge to the High Court to protect your future fishing.


Background information on the past management of kahawai is available on the Kahawai page here » »


To achieve a good level of understanding of complex fisheries management scenarios we believe it is important to read the available data in good order. We have organised the information so it is easier to download and read.

Reference Material

The following information has been presented so you can read it and form your own opinion on the management of this most important fishery to New Zealanders.

Ministers Decision
Summary of the Minister's 2005 decision for kahawai from the
Ministry of Fisheries.
Nov 2005
Full text in printable format here.................................... (PDF 20Kb)
PDF Here ...
The Minister considers the 10% reduction to the TAC and proportional change to the TACC and allowances will have socio-economic impacts.

22 Nov 05

Full text in printable format here.................................... (PDF 80Kb)
PDF Here ...
The annual Total Allowable Catch will be reduced by 10% for kahawai. The reduction will be shared between sectors but there will be no bag limit cuts for us as we can't catch our allowance anyway.........

30 Sep 05

More Info...

MFish Final Advice
Advice sent to the Minister on which to base his final decision on. Proportional cuts are still MFish's policy preference........... (PDF 450Kb)

Sept 2005

PDF Here ...

An Executive Summary provided to the Minister outlining the major points in the Final Advice Paper.........................................(PDF 45Kb)
PDF Here ...
option4 believes the kahawai fishery needs to be rebuilt to provide better access for non-commercial fishers and to have a healthy marine environment.

10 Aug 05

More Info...

Complete text in a PDF document (230Kb)........ here »
PDF Here ...
Minstry of Fisheries - IPP

Deadline Extension

MFish advise the deadline for submissions has been extended to the 10th August.

25 Jul 05

Complete text in a PDF document (20Kb)........ here »
PDF Here ...
The Ministry of Fisheries Initial Position Paper (IPP) setting out the two options for the future management of our kahawai stocks. The status quo or another proportional reduction of our catches.

8 Jul 05

Complete text in a PDF document (250Kb)........ here »
PDF Here ...
Ministry Advice Letter

Introductory letter from the Ministry of Fisheries (MFish) asking for submissions on the 2005 IPP for kahawai.

8 Jul 05

More Info...

Complete text in a PDF document (20Kb)........ here »

PDF Here ...



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