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Letter to Editor

Kahawai Success

Ken Sims

11 May 2007


Letter to Editor
NZ Fishing News

Kahawai Success


The win in the high court Kahawai Legal Challenge is a victory for not only the public but future fisheries management too.

The success is a credit to the NZ Recreational Fishing Council, the NZ Big Game Fishing Council and other groups, particularly to the team at option4 who did much of the hard yards in the engine room.

The challenge deserved the support of every New Zealander who goes fishing and that's about a million. If each of them donated $10 that would be $10 million. But of course it doesn't work that way because of the apathy of too many. So I urge all to still get behind the venture and contribute - it is not too late.

From the government's angle, it would be wise to heed the outcome. The message is clear to Minister Anderton - you must - as per the Act, respect the non-commercial public sectors in setting management in place.

The precedent has now been set for not only kahawai but other fish species too.

Ken Sims
Research Officer: NZ Federation of Freshwater Anglers (Inc.)
Co-Chairman: Council of Outdoor Recreation Associations of New Zealand (CORANZ)


Protecting your fishing rights

Your ongoing access to kahawai, snapper, blue cod, kingfish, crayfish and paua could all be influenced by the outcome of the fishing industry's appeal against the High Court's decision. If you want to contribute to the defence please:

  • Dial 0900 KAHAWAI (0900 52 42 92) to automatically donate $20 via your phone account
  • Contact Jo Harris on 0800 KAHAWAI (0800 52 42 92) for larger amounts.
  • Cheques to the ‘Kahawai Challenge Fund’ can be sent to New Zealand Fishing News, PO Box 12-965, Penrose, Auckland.

Thank you to all previous contributors, the team appreciates your ongoing support.

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