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Update #48

Kahawai Challenge an Expensive Battle

Kahawai Challenge team

May 2009

Kahawai Legal Challenge Update New Zealand Fishing News

June 2009 edition


The Kahawai Legal Challenge (KLC) has been a five-year battle to defend the right of every man, woman and child to fish for food in the sea.

And it has been expensive!


Many amateur fishers have no idea just how important the KLC is in defining their current rights to fish in the sea and determining how those rights will be accommodated in future.


Nor do they realise how much time, effort and money has been expended on their behalf by those who care enough about amateur fishing to stand up and fight when those rights are threatened.

Thankfully, those who started the Challenge could see that the original decision for kahawai was flawed, so they amassed an expert team which has spent the last five years developing arguments for the three court cases which we hope will ensure that the Minister of Fisheries properly allows for our non-commercial fishing interests when making management decisions for all important species.

The future management of snapper, blue cod, crayfish, paua, kingfish and all other amateur finfish species, as well our precious shellfish stocks, will be affected by the outcome of these proceedings.
Funds shortfall

Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been spent, but there is a significant shortfall between the total cost of the Kahawai Legal Challenge and income donated by clubs, businesses and individuals so far.

This shortfall has been covered by an underwriter as a short-term solution to pay the last accounts. If sufficient donations are made from the public to cover most of these costs this underwriter has indicated he will support further actions if required.

Amateur fishers should also be aware that, unless there is sufficient financial support from fishers themselves, it is likely the KLC team will have to be dismantled because of a lack of resources.

Fishing is an integral part of our culture. It is a cherished activity enjoyed by mum, dad and the kids. Your support of the KLC now, when it is needed most, will help to make sure we defend and pass this legacy on to our children intact.

This is a chance to show your support so the team can continue to be effective and complete the Challenge.

A collective thank you goes to everyone who has already donated or given their time, energy and resources to this worthy project.

There are still Kahawai Challenge tee shirts available at $20 each or three for $50. These make great fishing contest uniforms. Call Trish Rea on 0800 KAHAWAI (0800 52 42 92).


If you want more fish in the water please make a contribution to assist with the Challenge:

  • Make a secure online donation at www.kahawai.co.nz
  • Dial 0900 KAHAWAI (0900 52 42 92) to automatically donate $20 via your phone account
  • Contact Trish Rea on 0800 KAHAWAI (0800 52 42 92) for larger amounts.
  • Cheques to the ‘Kahawai Challenge Fund’ can be sent to New Zealand Fishing News, PO Box 12-965, Penrose, Auckland.
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