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Kahawai research

New Research into Kahawai Genetics

Brenton Hodgson

March 2009


A Victoria University of Wellington student needs your help to perform a large-scale study of kahawai genetics.

Brenton Hodgson is collecting flesh samples that will be used in a population study of the species.

If you can help, or would like more information about the study, please visit www.hooked.net.nz.

Kahawai genetics

Brenton Hodgson is an MSc student at Victoria University of Wellington, investigating the genetics of kahawai (Arripis trutta). This research is being conducted to determine how many genetically isolated breeding populations of kahawai there are in New Zealand, and how much mixing between populations occurs. The research is expected to take up to a year to complete. Brenton is collecting material from around the country, and would appreciate contact from recreational or commercial fishers who would be willing to supply samples of material for the study. These samples can be taken from live fish that can then be released, or from fish that have been taken as part of your normal fishing activities.

Samples required are very small, no more than 0.5cm2 per fish, as the genetic sampling technique he uses is capable of producing many copies of DNA. This DNA will then be compared to samples from fish from all over NZ and used to create a population map for the species.

Brenton has set up a website www.hooked.net.nz to provide information on the research he is undertaking, how the work is performed, and he expects that this website will grow rapidly as he learns more about the species. He is also looking for sponsorship for the project, and would be very happy to discuss this with anyone interested in providing some funding towards a cutting edge fisheries project.

He needs all of the samples by the end of April to ensure he is able to complete the required lab work and analysis on the samples. If you are able to assist Brenton, he can be contacted at brenton@hooked.net.nz, or on 021 292 7170.

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