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Cover letter sent to all MP's re open letter to the Minister

PO Box 37 951


Dear (MP's name)

Please find attached an Open Letter option4 has just sent to the Minister of Fisheries, Pete Hodgson.

Every day we are asked the same question - Which political parties have policy that clearly supports the publics claim that they have and always should have a priority access right over the fishing industry?

To refresh your memories - a record breaking 62,117 submissions were made to the Soundings Public consultation of which 61,117 (98.3%) were in full support of the principles of option4. In addition, many organisations with extensive membership submitted supporting option4. For example, submissions from Yachting New Zealand, Boating Industry Association and New Zealand Big Game Fishing Council.

A further 35,000 people have subsequently registered their support for those same principles. We have subsequently kept informed many of these people (16 times -monthly) and can assure you that these people are very interested to know what is going on. They take this debate very seriously.

All political parties and Members of Parliament will shortly be asked by option4 to state where they stand regards the non-commercial sectors place in the scheme of things.

We recommend that you take this opportunity to familiarise yourselves with the issues. The site has a comprehensive record of this debate. Please read our response and objections to the Cabinet Paper FIN (01) 216 (11/3/02) and then the Ministers reply and dismissal of the option4 position

We believe that these issues require not only urgent attention from all political parties and elected Members of Parliament, but also clear statements of position from you all.

We thank you for taking the time to familiarise yourselves with the subtleties and nuances of this debate.

We remain

Yours faithfully

The team at option4