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2003 Reference Group Meetings
– Minutes, Occasional and Discussion Papers.

In December 2002 the NZRFC, NZBGFC and option4 signed off on their “Letter of Consensus”. Representatives then met with the Minister, Pete Hodgson, to re-establish momentum in the discussions over how to better define and protect the publics right to fish for food. The following documents trace the process of this phase (2003) of the work being done to secure the rights of the public to fish for food.

  1. Minister's response to the consensus letter on the reform proposals for recreational fishing December 2003
  2. Consensus letter to the Minister on the proposed Reforms of the Amateur Marine Fishing Policy Paper December 2003
  3. Paper from the Ministry of Fisheries on reforming the Amateur Marine Fishing policy September 2003
  4. The “Letter of Consensus” – December 2002 www.option4.co.nz/consensus.htm
  5. Minutes of meeting with the Minister December 2002 – www.option4.co.nz/ministerminutedec02/htm
  6. The Occasional Papers presented and discussed at the meeting with the Minister in December 2002 -www.option4.co.nz/occasionalpapers.htm
  7. The Minister replies to the Letter of Consensus – January 2003 - www./option4.co.nz/letter42.htm
  8. Minutes of the first meeting of the Reference Group January 2003 www.option4.co.nz/referencegroupminute29103.htm
  9. Minutes of the second meeting of the Reference Group February 2003 www.option4.co.nz/referencegroupminutefeb03.htm
  10. Talking Points paper presented to the Reference Group meeting held in February – www.option4.co.nz/talkingpoints.htm
  11. Sanford (South Island) v Moyle – transcript as provided from Booker and Co www.option4.co.nz/sanfordsouthislandvmoyle.htm
  12. Paper on developments in Australia (relevant to the right and compensation issue) www.option4.co.nz/australiapaper.htm
  13. A paper on how the right to fish for sustenance purposes became subject to constraints www.option4.co.nz/sustenanceconstraintspaper.htm
  14. A paper explaining how the change from fixed to proportional ITQ came about www.option4.co.nz/itqfixedtoproportional.htm
  15. Taiapure and mataitai established as at February 2003 www.option4.co.nz/taiapuremataiataifeb03.htm
  16. Minutes of the third Reference Group meeting March 2003 www.option4.co.nz/referencegroupminutesmar03.htm