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West Coast Mining

West Coast Iron Sand Mining



Another project has been approved, see latest info here » »

Local iwi and Raglan residents have totally rejected the application from Black Sands Exploration to mine 3617 sq m of the west coast between Taranaki and the Kaipara Harbour. Exploration activities include desktop studies, geophysical studies, drilling and in some cases mechanical sampling to evaluate the mineral potential of an area.

Once a valuable resource is discovered it generally becomes very difficult to prevent mining. Of particular interest to us is the west coast harbours and out to 15km off the coast. Reports suggest a 2km strip has been excluded from the shoreline out to sea from Whatipu up to the sand hills at the Kaipara's South Head.

The Crown Minerals Group in the Ministry of Energy who are considering the application is seeking no public input at this stage. Local iwi are being consulted but currently do not have all the information they need and are not happy the public are being shut out of the process.

Environmental, fishing and local interests are concerned about this application and the likely impacts on our marine environment. Please use the following information to keep yourself informed of the process.

For the most up to date information please visit the website of the action group:




Ministry of Economic Development (MED):

The mining application number is EPA 40734.

Response is being sought from some parties by 1 June 2005.

Contact: Keren Neal
Phone: 04 470 2285 or
Email: keren.neal@med.govt.nz
Website: www.med.govt.nz/ers/cr_min.htm
Campbell McKenzie
Senior Geologist
Phone: 04 474 2828


Local Raglan contact and action group member:

Sheryl Hart
Raglan Sportfishing Club
Phone: 07 8258867
Email: theharts.raglan@actrix.co.nz


Raglan calling

Check out how you can have fun while supporting the initiatives to protect our west coast of the North Island.

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Background Info

(latest info at the top)
Prospecting off the Taranaki coast by another company, Iron Ore NZ Ltd has not involved public consultation, is only 2km off the coast and has been approved by the Ministry of Energy.

22 Apr 05

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The Crown Minerals division of the Ministry of Energy turned down the application from Black Sand Exploration Ltd due to a lack of information.
20 Apr 05

Raglan folk form an action group to coordinate efforts to oppose the exploration of our west coast.

14 Apr 05

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The Crown Minerals Group in the Ministry of Energy are considering the application. Mining manager Rob Smillie is reported to have said "public comment is not required". Interesting to note that the Crown Minerals Act makes no provision for public comment and the impact on the environment was not considered in assessing the mining application.

11 Apr 05


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Raglan iwi and residents voted unanimously against the plans to mine iron sand of the west coast. A report from the NZ Herald.

30 Mar 05

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A boisterous meeting was held in the Raglan Town Hall to discuss Black Sands Exploration's plans. Concerns are held for the impacts a successful mining operation will have on the seabed and our west coast fisheries. Representatives of the Raglan Sportfishing Club attended the meeting.

29 Mar 05

Chris Carter is questioned in the House about the effects of excavation and dredging on the Maui's dolphin endangered population. The Minister of Conservation said he didn't know but the Department would be watching the activities.

29 Mar 05

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Article in NZ Herald mentions a company, Black Sands Exploration, and their application to Crown Minerals for a permit to mine 3617 sq m of the west coast between Taranaki and the Kaipara Harbour for iron sands.

14 Mar 05

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