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Alert #1- 11 January 2003
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Volkner Rocks Marine Reserve
Deadline 4.00 pm Tuesday 14th January

there is no time to hesitate - take advantage of the Objection Form

Dear option4 online supporter,

Despite the efforts of NZRFC, NZBGFC and option4 together asking for an extension to the submission closure date, DoC have seen fit to stick to their deadline. It is ludicrous to have a two month process with a deadline of 14th January. They have no respect for the reality of the public and their desire to have a break over Christmas.

However, it was established that those objecting within the period "are entitled to elaborate or expand on the details of that objection by providing a further written submission at a later date. It is essential that, if you wish to be part of the process, that notice of objection is received on or before 14 January 2003."

The clear message from DOC (10/1/03) is

They indicate 14th February as "soon as reasonably possible" for elaboration. This date is by no means formal or final.

The following email (5/1/03) from Rick Pollock outlines what lengths DOC are prepared to take in their efforts to put numbers together.

"…In case you didn't know DOC has really turned on the heat and poured the resources into this issue of late.

1) Manning our (Whakatane) local library and information centre everyday with staff soliciting affirmative signatures on their pamphlets.
2) Spending literally thousands of dollars on radio advertising starting with John Baker immediately after my daily marine report and extending throughout the day.

I've been buoyed by the support, which has come in via different mediums, and I'm hopeful my article in the latest NZFN will solicit more last minute submissions………." Regards, Rick Pollock"

What can you do?
Here is a fishery that has the potential to be very well managed and be able to (sustainably) deliver fishing experiences the envy of the world. Surely there are better ways to work through whatever issues need addressing rather than slamming the door shut and throwing away the key.

Please take advantage of this opportunity to submit to this proposal. Remember, there are no mechanisms to review these initiatives - once the area is declared a Marine Reserve it is off limits to everyone, indefinitely. OBJECT NOW

Some important Background Information
If you have the time, the following background reading material is very relevant and revealing. Click here This section will be kept current with information as it comes to hand as long as it takes to resolve this proposal.

To Object - Click here

To let a friend know what's going on - Click here - This is critical. Don't stand alone, include your mates

Thank you for engaging in this issue so soon after returning from Christmas break. Its incredible how many deadlines occur around Christmas or early New Year isn't it. option4 Update # 23 will be sent next week. Hope you have all had a rejuvenating break over Christmas.


Regards from the team at option4

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