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option4 Alert #16 - 11 August 2010


Only days left to have your say – restore our precious kahawai

Submission deadline is 13 August - Friday this week.

Please help by following the link below to the Alert #16 - Kahawai survey.

Complete the simple
Alert #16 - Kahawai survey here » » » »

In 2005 thousands of Kiwis like you and I stood up and challenged the Minister of Fisheries’ kahawai management decisions.

Purse seining along our coastline had severely depleted abundance and we wanted our kahawai back!

Both the Crown and corporate fishing interests battled against our legal arguments.

After four years of wrangling the Supreme Court delivered a mixed result in May 2009.

Phil Heatley, the Minister, is now reviewing kahawai allowances and commercial allocations in most inshore areas.

option4 has been working with the NZ Sport Fishing Council and Hokianga Accord to develop an alternative management option.

Read our draft kahawai submission here » » » »

This is your opportunity to comment directly to the Ministry on the quality of the kahawai fishery in your area and your preferred management option.

Complete the simple Alert #16 - Kahawai survey here » » » »
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