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Alert #2- 28 January 2003
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Proposed changes to Fisheries Regulations in Fiordland

Deadline this Friday 31st January
there is no time to hesitate - take advantage of the Objection Form

Contained within the document “Draft Integrated Management Strategy for Fiordland’s Fisheries and Marine Environment” prepared by the Guardians of Fiordland are a number of changes to the regulations that currently shape our rights to fish this region.

The deadline for submissions to these proposals was 20th December 2002. The NZRFC,NZBGFC and option4 requested an extension and this was granted to (Friday) 31/1/03. In hindsight we should have asked for at least 60 days – the issues that are raised in this discussion document are fundamental and wide ranging – the last 30 days have flown by so quickly with plenty to occupy what little time we have available at this time of the year. So, apologies for once again putting time pressure on you, the option4 online network.

The purposes of this Alert are:

  1. To offer you a brief summary of the proposal and the impact it will have on your rights to go fishing to feed your families and friends.
  2. To provide you with an opportunity to have your say.

Act NOW before it is too late –
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We do not know for sure whether or not your support/objection to the proposal will be taken into account. The representative organisations really need to meet and invest heavily in making submission to these proposals. This has not been possible in January. There has not been any meaningful consultative approach by the Guardians to these representative groups to date.

In the meantime please let the Guardians know you are tuning in to their work and the changes being proposed. Please make the effort to have your views taken into account.

Remember, having the necessary information to enable you to make informed submission is important. What is really important however, is your willingness to introduce more people to that information stream.

As individuals we are easily swept aside in an ever increasing beauracratic turmoil. - Together, we have a chance to ensure fairness, good process and good outcomes. If we are not prepared to stand up for our rights now we will knowingly be playing our part in denying future generations the right to feed themselves from the bountiful seas of New Zealand. Send this to your friends – better still, click here - - This is critical. Don't stand alone, include your mates.

Thankyou for taking the time to read this.


Regards from the team at option4

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