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KAHAWAI - Stand and Fight - or Lose It

Dear [ subscriber ],

The future of recreational fishing in this country looks bleak if the Minister of Fisheries decisions on Total Allowable Catch and allocation of kahawai are left unchallenged.
If he gets away with this, it is only a matter of time before these precedents are applied to your favourite fishery. Even if you don’t care about kahawai, you cannot let these decisions go unchallenged – they are so unjust.

For the legal challenge to succeed, we need your financial support. Just as importantly, we need the Government and the Courts to witness an overwhelming expression of public concern and outrage at the injustice of these decisions.

Only YOU have the ability to approach your friends and family asking them to contribute and let them add their voice to an organised recreational fishing lobby, outraged at losing their right to fish for food.

Stand and Fight – Or Lose It

 If you feel ripped off, please send fisheries managers a powerful message they cannot ignore.

We have produced a powerful Legal Challenge Supporters Booklet that is specifically designed to empower you to stand and fight.
Request your booklet now
Please, request YOUR Booklet now – use it to:
  • Share the information with your family and friends

  • Offer them a really straight forward way to make a financial contribution

  • Give them the opportunity to request their own Booklet so they can help.

It’s been well documented that commercial fishing interests have been demolishing our kahawai stocks for years. They have been targeting entire schools, assisted by spotter planes, in a cynical race for catch history to qualify for quota. The kahawai has had no chance and much of it ended up as crayfish bait in Australia for a dismal return. The Minister of Fisheries has now rewarded these companies with valuable kahawai quota - more than they have been able to catch in recent years. Bizarre!!

If that’s not bad enough, we are all now expected to bear the brunt of the rebuild with a bizarre decision to reduce our catch by 15% in a decision that states “A reduction in the daily bag limit per person is the most likely outcome.” Apparently we are eating too many kahawai. What will the new bag limit be? Not even the Minister knows, however they will have to be slashed severely, given that we are unable to catch a reasonable daily bag now. Do these unjust decisions get left unchallenged? NO WAY!

The New Zealand Big Game Fishing Council, New Zealand Recreational Fishing Council, NZ Angling & Casting Assoc and option4 are all in full agreement – these decisions must be challenged in court and that is exactly where we are headed. We expect to file our Statement of Claim in the High Court early in the New Year.

PLEASE, don’t let this summer come and go without giving it your best shot to stand and fight.
Request your booklet now
Your generous investment in this campaign is needed right now.

Go here » for three easy ways to make a contribution
to invest in your and your children’s fishing future.
For more background reading, visit www.kahawai.co.nz

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