option4 Update #2 Nov 2000


Soundings Deadline Extended

Dear option4 Subscribers

Thank you all for your support for option4.
Draft Submission - Part 1
We have posted the first part of our option4 draft submission which you can read on the website at
option4 Soundings Submission Part 1

Please click on the link, read the submission and respond. We need your feedback and comments.

Newsflash - Submission Closure Date Extended!!!
The Ministry of Fisheries, in their wisdom, have extended the deadline for submissions out to December 20th.
see https://www.fish.govt.nz/current/press/pr201100.htm

Submission Books
We would like to thank all of those supporters who have already requested the option4 Submission booklets and gone out there to assist people to make their submission - great effort from you all! Keep up the good work. Every submission counts.

For those of you who have not yet requested submission books, we would encourage you to do so. Do not think that we expect you to fill up each submission book. Remember, if you were to assist 10 or 12 people to make their submission, this makes a difference.

To have 1 or more booklets mailed to you immediately please go here www.option4.co.nz/submission.htm

Get out to all the organisations and sports clubs to tell them what is going on and help their members to make their submissions. Persuade their management committees to put submission books where they are prominent and visible - on the bar counter and in the lobbies on a table. Get out there and make it happen. This is a fight for our fundamental human rights - do not drop the ball on this one.

Kiwi Expats
Thank you to all those expatriate Kiwis in Australia, UK, Europe, USA, South East Asia, Africa and the Middle East who have made submissions through the option4 website. We are really in your hands in terms of connecting with other expat Kiwis. Please, where you can, contact and connect with other expats and help them to make their submissions.

For those of you resident in NZ with family, friends and business colleagues living and working overseas, email them and encourage them to go to your website to make their submissions. Bring it on expats! You do not want to be coming back to retire in NZ to discover the unthinkable i.e. holding a weak right with a diminishing access to our fisheries. (Remember the TV add - "Granddad, what did you do to stop it?")

Bumper Stickers

Bumper stickers are also available to promote community awareness and to raise funds to sustain this initiative. You can order them from your website. https://www.option4.co.nz/Please_Help/order.htm

Keep up the good work!
Kind regards