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option4 Update #63

Dear [ subscriber ],

Thank you to everyone who made a contribution to the submissions on the Ministry of Fisheries proposals for kahawai, snapper, kingfish, flounder and mullet.

Your well considered responses to MFish's proposals and the proportional allocation document were incorporated into the option4 and other non-commercial submissions, where possible. 

The Minister's decisions for the management of these precious, inshore shared fisheries are referred to later in this Update.


The Kahawai Legal Challenge is clearly our best chance to settle outstanding allocation issues. All we aspire to is a fair deal for all non-commercial fishers.

You will also find more information on the developments with the Hokianga Accord and the rapidly evolving relationships with tangata whenua to strengthen our collective position to see “more fish in the water”. Read on for more……

Kahawai Legal Challenge Update #12

Only hope for recreational fishers to get a fair deal

Reductions in kahawai and west coast snapper allowances are proof we need issues raised in the Kahawai Legal Challenge to be resolved.


Snapper, kahawai, flounder, mullet and kingfish

No changes to flounder or mullet management. Does this mean all is well for these key fisheries? No foreseeable rapid rebuild of kahawai and snapper but kingfish have a chance.


Shellfish Submission

Good news for the introduction of cockles, pipi, scallops and tuatua into the QMS. The joint submission from CORANZ, option4 and Minister's decision details here……

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Fisheries Forums

Hokianga Accord

Another hui to discuss “more fish in the water.”

Keen to participate in this groundbreaking initiative?

Please contact us for details. Background info

available here » »

Kahawai Campaign Support

Weymouth Cossie Club

Royal support from Kahawai King Fishing Contest organisers, Weymouth Cosmopolitan Club.

The fishing section has donated contest proceeds to the Kahawai Challenge Fund. More here » ».

Overseas News

Anglers Action

Similar in function to option4, Anglers Action represents the rights of Australian public fishers and keeps people informed. Their newsletters are a delight.....

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