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Kahawai in the Hauraki Gulf
hauraki gulf forum
In March the Hauraki Gulf Forum and Ministry of Fisheries were asked to explain how they will be giving effect to the Kahawai court decisions and the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park Act. Their answer has arrived.....

Save the 'people's fish'

Minister not helping to save the 'people's fish' Fisheries Minister Phil Heatley and his ministry are indifferent to the overfishing of kahawai, says Tony Orman.

Tony has been involved in fisheries management and was President of the Marlborough Recreational Fishers Association for many years.

kahawai op ed

Media Release

Strong reaction to Minister's decision

Recreational and customary fishers have reacted strongly to Phil Heatley's latest kahawai decision. That is because it does not address sustainability or availability concerns.....

Kahawai Review 2010
Phil Heatley, the Minister of Fisheries, has just completed a review of the kahawai fisheries. More than 1000 people responded to a survey commenting on the quality of kahawai fishing in their area. Read the process details and discussion here...
Kahawai for all New Zealanders
Recreational and customary fishers have battled for years to ensure fisheries managers leave more kahawai in the water and make sufficient allowance for non-commercial fishing interests. There is guarded hope.........
Will the mighty kahawai ever be plentiful?

An Update from the Hokianga Accord, the mid north iwi fisheries forum. The Accord supports the joint kahawai submission to MFish. Kahawai need to be protected from industrial harvesting and stocks need to be restored......

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Ngapuhi's involvement in non-commercial fishing advocacy here » »

To defend the High Court's Kahawai Legal Challenge decision against the fishing industry's appeal.



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