Kahawai - Big Thanks to the Fundraisers

Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year from the Kahawai Legal Challenge team.

We offer heartfelt thanks to all those who have had the vision to see this issue is much bigger than kahawai, that it is in fact a struggle to defend a right which has always been ours, from those who are determined to take it from us.

Fishing for food and fun is a national pastime and a heritage - one we simply must protect for our children's sake.

If you are uncertain what the Challenge is about, or why it is so important to win.

It is because the Ministry of Fisheries has decided to privatise the recreational fishery.

The kahawai decision that is being challenged was the Ministry's first blatant step in that direction.

And, just this year, the west coast snapper decision is even worse!

If we do not stand together and fight for what is ours, the Ministry of Fisheries will see our inaction as a green light and drive forward with the full privatisation of all of our inshore fisheries.

If we let the Ministry succeed we sentence our children to forever going cap in hand, Oliver Twist style, to the fishing industry and asking, please sir, can we have some more fish?

Privatisation would leave recreational fishers to sort out contentious fisheries issues directly with the fishing industry while allowing the Minister to abdicate his responsibility of allocating fisheries between competing interests.

What hope then for recreational fishers? If the Ministry - with all its resources - has not been able to manage allocation issues fairly or constrain commercial fishers to their quotas, what chance have the amateur fishing sector got of fighting against the might of a well resourced and powerful fishing industry?

The kahawai legal challenge is the only hope we have to keep things as they were, or to improve them.

The Ministry has created such powerful fishing rights for the commercial sector that they now find it easier to capitulate and give the fishing industry everything they ask for rather than risk being sued for compensation.

Privatisation is all about giving the public the leftovers from a poorly implemented Quota Management System, simply to keep the fishing industry happy.

Five years ago, when the Ministry publicly consulted on how recreational fishing should be managed, the public overwhelmingly rejected the very same proportional system MFish is now imposing by stealth.

The single biggest reason for rejecting privatisation is that those who have most of the rights and resources in a privatised fishery would have most of the control.

In the case of our inshore fisheries what the Ministry want will effectively put the fox in charge of the henhouse.

Those with the most quota and resources will inevitably have most of the say.

There is no doubt, any consideration of recreational interests would rate a distant second to catering to the demands of the much more powerful commercial sector.

The public would become little more than minor shareholders in their own fishery.


Fundraising Drive Over Christmas
The court case has been filed in the High Court and the case will be heard in June 2006. It has been a huge undertaking by option4, the New Zealand Big Game Fishing Council and the New Zealand Recreational Fishing Council to get this far.

The Kahawai Legal Challenge has not yet raised enough money to cover the full costs of the court case. If there is a shortfall an unfair burden will be placed on the underwriters - they will have to pay any outstanding costs.

It is imperative to all non-commercial fishers the underwriters are paid back in full. If they are not, it is unlikely we could ever go back and ask them for more help, regardless of how unjust any future fishery decisions are.

This possibility doesn't bear thinking about, we simply can not let it happen!

There has never been a better time to stand united and say, "We want our fisheries rebuilt to provide a reasonable chance of catching a reasonable bag of fish!"

Don't leave it to others to fight for the rights of your children, get involved now!

How You Can Help To Stop the Madness

Do you already have a Kahawai Booklet and are looking for ideas on how to talk with your friends and neighbours?

This is the time of year we do most of our fishing. It is also a great time to talk with others about fishing. It's easier than you think. When talking to your mates a good introduction to the topic is.....

Are you aware recreational fishers are so concerned about our fisheries they are taking the Minister of Fisheries to court?

They believe commercial fishers have been allowed to catch too many fish, for far too long. Their goal is simple, they want more fish to be left in the water to improve the chance of you and your children catching a reasonable daily bag limit.

Are you in favour of this legal action?

Produce your booklet and say. "This is a Kahawai Legal Challenge booklet, would you like to contribute?" The challenge has been well publicised and most people are willing to donate or order a tee shirt from the booklet. The new navy tee shirts look great and are available in most sizes.

option4 has been managing the fundraising aspects of the campaign supporting the Kahawai Legal Challenge. Trustees of the Challenge Fund include the NZ Fishing News. Your booklet has all the info on the fund trustees if anyone asks about what happens to the money.

For information or further help

Contact : Jo Harris – 0800 KAHAWAI (0800 52 42 92)

No Booklet? - It's Not Too Late To Help
The Kahawai Legal Challenge goes to the core of allocation of fisheries resources between commercial and recreational fishers. With your help we can tell all New Zealanders that their ability to fish for food and fun is at risk. There are many ways you can help....

To make a secure online donation direct to the Kahawai Challenge Fund please click here » »

Don't have a Booklet yet? Click here to order online » » or call 0800 KAHAWAI (0800 52 42 92)

Just found out about the issue and want to help? Call 0800 KAHAWAI (0800 52 42 92)

If you want to support the Kahawai Legal Challenge but are too busy to get fully involved you can make a quick $20 donation by calling 0900 KAHAWAI (0900 52 42 92).


Main Prize From Black Magic

Black Magic BSX reel, reel bag, BSX KLC rod and travel tube valued around $499

Another fantastic product from the Black Magic team. Black Magic are great supporters of the Kahawai Legal Challenge. For every KLC rod sold Black Magic donates $10.00 to the Challenge for the benefit of all recreational fishermen.

You can purchase Black Magic Tackle at these stores » »

And the grand prize winner is :

Barry Kearney of Te Atatu, Auckland - To claim your prize email us here

Prizes from Paul's Fishing Kites

Paul's Fishing Kites are major supporters and have generously donated ten $30.00 gift vouchers for Target Snapper Hooks.

Winners can choose either 4/0 or 5/0 sized hooks.

Your choice of rig from floating bead traces, two hook pilchard rigs, packs of longline traces or the nickel teflon range of Target Hooks for boat fishing and surf casting.

Check out their latest catch reports here » »

The PFK Voucher Winners Are :
  • Malcolm Bluck, Stanmore Bay
  • Emerson Weston, Mount Maunganui
  • Colin Drever, Mount Maunganui
  • Denis Skelton, Waitara
  • Peter Lopusiewicz, Waitara
  • Joanna Bloxham, Mount Maunganui
  • Barney Vincent, Papakura
  • Charlie Carr, Omokoroa
  • Alan Taylor, Torbay
  • Geoff Lloyd, Tryphena
To claim your prize email us here

Fishing News Subscriptions

New Zealand Fishing News
Are you one of the five winners of a six-month subscription to New Zealand's top fishing magazine for news, tips and stories?

NZ Fishing News are staunch supporters of the Kahawai Legal Challenge.

The Fishing News Subscription Winners Are :
  • Shanon Weston, Otumoetai
  • Tom Abbott, Palmerston North
  • Cerys Lang, Glenfield
  • Jimmy Simm, Takaka
  • Terry Perreau, Birkdale
To claim your prize email us here

Tee Shirts from the Kahawai Legal Challenge

Right: Kennedy France after a days fishing on the Hauraki Gulf wearing a child's size Kahawai Legal Challenge tee shirt.

The pic was taken on the day we took the "Kahawai Call Girls" (an affectionate name we have given our helpdesk team) out fishing for kahawai.

If you are a winner please contact Kennedy's mother Jo on 0800 KAHAWAI (0800 52 42 92) with your preferred size and delivery details.

Wishing all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the Kahawai Legal Challenge team.

The 21 Tee Shirt Winners Are:
  • Andrew Wood, Kerikeri
  • Bruce Denison, Mt Roskill
  • Scott Stonex, Onehunga
  • Rachelle Walker, Otumoetai
  • Paul Wilcox, Waiomu
  • Ann Gainsford, Albany
  • Edgar Martin Everton, Motueka
  • Neha Hoani Hakaraia, Henderson
  • David Kindley, Te Atatu South
  • John Morman, Auckland
  • Robert Tennent, Pokeno
  • James Ferrier, Albany
  • Roy Arnold, Blenheim
  • John Ross, Whangapararoa
  • Harry Brown, Hornby
  • Johnny Neil, Christchurch
  • Derek Ferry, Massey
  • Kim Fry, Pt Chev
  • Philip Hann, Palmerston North
  • Stefan Weston, Glen Eden
  • Simon Borich, Kumeu
To claim your prize email us here

Congratulations to all winners. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks to everyone who has helped out during the year. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Yours sincerely,
The Kahawai Legal Challenge team.

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