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option4 Newsflash #2 Sept 2005 Print this page

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A Bouquet for United Future Outdoor Recreation NZ

Peter Dunne, leader of the United Future party, has delivered a   powerful recreational fishing policy which gives preference to non-commercial fishing interests. United Future have worked closely with option4 to develop this fisheries policy.

Throughout this term in Government Larry Baldock from United Future and Paul Check of Outdoor Recreation NZ have worked tirelessly for recreational fishers and sensible marine protection policies. Outdoor Recreation NZ chose to merge with United Future as they have very similar values and an uncompromising commitment to recreational fishing.

United Future have certainly done the hard yards by attending countless meetings, hui and conferences on behalf of recreational fishers.

Larry Baldock has worked hard for fishers.

Their Supplementary Order Paper to stop kahawai entering the Quota Management System shows the lengths they will go to to advocate for non-commercial fishers.

United Future also opposes the Department of Conservation's excesses and failure to consult properly on marine reserves. "Confiscation in the name of Conservation" will not be tolerated by United Future.

United Future have truly earned the respect and support of recreational fishng leaders and certainly deserve your consideration at the polling booth this Saturday. Regardless of which of the major parties wins the most seats United Future has proved it has the potential to work equally well with either party.

A vote for United Future is a vote for recreational fishing and against allowing the Department of Conservation to trample on the rights of recreational fishers.

United Future/ORNZ Marine Recreational Fishing Policy


United Future and Outdoor Recreation New Zealand recognise that New Zealanders have a long tradition of making the most of our marine resources and, as such, have acquired common rights to harvest a bounty that is accessible to all. Currently, however, these common rights are being largely ignored and successive Governments and their respective Ministers of Fisheries are denying the legal recognition of these common rights.

Our overriding aim is to have the rights of recreational users and harvesters enshrined in law. For this reason we are pushing for a review of Section 21 of the Fisheries Act to guarantee that the Minister of Fisheries has to set recreational user's share of the relevant QMS (Quota Management System) before setting the commercial sector's quota.

Freedom of access to these resources must also be preserved - although still restricted to legally takeable marine species and quotas. Above all, United Future and Outdoor Recreation New Zealand recognise that the sustainability of the resource is paramount in order to safeguard these rights and to preserve this uniquely New Zealand way of life for now and for the future.

United Future and Outdoor Recreation NZ will:

  • Establish a statutory management structure for the marine recreational fishery (to be superimposed over one of the existing marine fishing organisations) - possibly along the same lines as the Fish and Game management structure;
  • Partially fund the new statutory organisation by setting up a rebate system whereby any petrol excise tax paid on fuel used in recreational vessels will be refunded and diverted to that organisation;
  • Review and amend the Fisheries Act if necessary to ensure that recreational fishers have a priority right over and above the commercial fishing sector to free and unrestricted access to a reasonable daily bag-limit of shellfish and finfish in the inshore shared species;
  • Substantially increase the level of funding made available for robust scientific monitoring over the impact that specific catch limits and fishing methods are have on fish populations and the marine environment in order to ensure sustainability;
  • Ensure that the Government recognises that education is essential for the future survival of the oceans resources and to make the appropriate additions to the school curriculum;
  • Investigate a program to give 'problem' kids experience going out on a recreational fishing boat.

United Future/ORNZ Freshwater Fishing Policy


United Future and Outdoor Recreation New Zealand recognise the fact that New Zealand has a freshwater fishery that is one of the best in the world. New Zealand's freshwater fisheries are currently managed very well managed by Fish and Game New Zealand's network of regional structures.

Given the high quality of New Zealand's freshwater fishery and its management structure, we are primarily concerned with two issues related to the freshwater fisheries: 1) water quality and (2) right of access.

First, water quality. The quality of New Zealand's inland waterways has been generally deteriorating as time passes. In some specific areas, public health and the recreational usage of these bodies of water is in jeopardy. This deterioration needs to be addressed quickly through the introduction of appropriate educational tools and the raising of awareness within the industries implicated as part of the cause of this problem. Such a program could include financial assistance to accelerate reforms within certain industries and be reinforced by regulatory intervention such as the establishment of a National Environmental Standard for inland lakes and waterways.

Second, access. Access to New Zealand's freshwater fisheries is a basic right that should be accorded to every New Zealander. The exclusion of the average New Zealander from specific fisheries through the denial of access is unacceptable but is a phenomenon that is on the rise. See our "Practical Access to New Zealand's Great Outdoors" policy section for details of how we intend to address the access issue.

United Future and Outdoor Recreation NZ will:

  • Ensure that a program to improve water quality is developed and implemented through consultation with all stakeholders - this should include financial incentives to assist eligible industries to clean up their act;
  • Develop a National Environmental Standard (NES) for the quality of New Zealand's freshwater lakes and waterways;
  • As part of any freshwater NES develop strict controls to prevent the transfer of undesirable algae, weed and pollutants between water bodies through poorly cleaned boats, trailers and the pumping of dirty bilges;
  • Encourage the use of alternative non-renewable and renewable resources in the place of hydroelectric generation provided they meet strict emission standards;
  • Reinstate the Queens Chain where applicable as a pre-requisite before foreign land sales can be approved;
  • Ensure that the commercialisation of trout species and other freshwater species will remain illegal in order to preserve our freshwater fisheries for recreation and tourism;
  • Promote the principle that all New Zealanders have a common right to access unpolluted freshwater fisheries and waterways for recreational use.

option4 believe Larry Baldock and United Future deserve a bouquet for their tireless effort to date and asked Larry to compile a summary of the work he has done on behalf of recreational fishers.

Sept 05

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