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Marine Protection

A Better Way to Save our Seas

Marine Protection


Saving the sea is quite different from saving wildlife on land. The sea is such a unique place, and  most of it has been left relatively undisturbed. Marine reserves are one of the ways to reduce threats to the sea. Creating a marine reserve should be easy, but our ignorance of the sea and how to protect it, has caused some failures from which we should learn. Learn to do the right things for the right reasons.



The sea is a large body. Not only is it vast, covering nearly three quarters of the globe, but it is also deep. As opposed to the terrestrial habitat, which is smeared over the surface of continents in a layer no more than 40 metres thick (and effectively much less), the sea is 4000m deep on average, with places descending to 10km. The sea is also a very different kind of habitat, almost unimaginably different from the terrestrial world we know so well. It is a hostile place, impossible to travel to by foot or automobile, and even by boat and can be very unpleasant. The sea is not inhabited by people and therefore does not suffer the consequences of extensive habitat change (forests into pastures), habitation (cities and roads), and whatever civilisation has wrought (extraction and pollution of various kinds). One would thus be tempted to ask whether the sea needs conserving at all.

For extensive documenation on marine protection go to the Seafriends website


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