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option4 Update #1 Nov 2000

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7 Nov 2000


Thank you for making your personal submission on Recreational Fishing Rights online.
Your submission to the "Soundings" Public Discussion Document will shortly be delivered to the Ministry of Fisheries and the Rights Working Group. Your submission will count at the end of the day.

Last week we relaunched the site with an entirely new look and feel. We intend to add significant content over the coming months. www.option4.co.nz and we, the team at option4, ask you to make sure that all your friends and colleagues experience the site and enter the process………..Please dont leave your friends out of the loop .... its likely that many of them are simply unaware of what is going on.

option4 have almost completed drafting our submission, based upon the 4 principles that you have endorsed. Much time and effort has been invested to get us to this stage. The "Final Draft" will be posted on the site next Tuesday, 14th November. The comments you have added to your submission have been of real value to those responsible for compiling this draft. Thank you very much.

We are advised that there is no more money available from the Ministry of Fisheries for further public meetings or advertising of the Soundings Process. Such a critical issue is clearly being under communicated and publicised by our elected government and its officials. THEREFORE;

We need help & time is so short.
The Submission closure date is 30th November 2000.

The ball is in our court. Now it's up to all of us to drive forward together and achieve real consensus to get the desired result we all want and are entitled to.

* PLEASE - Reach out to your friends and family. Make the effort to communicate with as many people as possible about what is going on! Forward this email NOW! Please add a personal message endorsing the principles option4 is promoting.

Everyone who makes their submission online (or includes their email address with their handwritten submission) will be kept informed of developments as they occur.

* We need you out there NOW spreading the word and creating opportunity for fellow Kiwi's to make their submission. Remember, the only way we can keep them informed is if we have an email address.

We have Submission booklets available for immediate despatch to you. Please click here now to receive a booklet. www.option4.co.nz/submission.htm

Now is the moment and we must grasp this opportunity to secure for our children and future generations the strongest possible right, in legislation, to fish these shores forever with the knowledge and certainty that there shall be fish to catch ……….to not achieve this would be unthinkable.

Tight Lines forever.

Best regards from the team at option4.co.nz

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