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option4 Update #110 - 9th December 2008




A glimmer of hope as Christmas nears


More fish in the water

An outline of the issues that need to be addressed to achieve abundant fisheries and peoples’ wellbeing has been sent to the new Minister of Fisheries, Phil Heatley.........[more] (PDF 80Kb)


Kahawai Legal Challenge

A big climax expected to kahawai proceedings. If you thought this case was just about kahawai, then think again.........[more]


History never repeats? But it has with depletion of our fisheries....[more]

Anticipation builds as the February Supreme Court kahawai hearing nears.……… [more]

Living in NZ has many advantages but have we moved from 'Godzone' to Gonezone?....[more]



Making a special purchase this Christmas.

Buy a Kahawai Legal Challenge tee-shirt for your favourite person or try the three-shirt special for $50…..[more]

Fisheries management

Ministry fail to deliver on a request for information about the hasty, inadequate process to change the law…..[more]

Living in the South Pacific means we can still catch fish. Or can we?.……… [more]


Hokianga Accord

Hope on the horizon with an amendment to the Kaimoana regulations so they apply to fresh waterways as well as the sea.........[more]

Localised fisheries management in the Bay of Islands is a step closer to reality..........[more]

Ministry’s Chief Executive received a controversial but warm welcome when he attended his first Hokianga Accord hui………..[more]


Spearos special

Good news for fishers, spearfishers and freedivers. Work is underway to achieve abundant fisheries and a healthy marine environment.........[more]

May all your Christmas dreams come true.

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