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option4 Update #3 Dec 2000

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Print this page

option4 Submission Online
13 Dec 2000  

Thank you all for your support for option4

Dear option4.co.nz team member,

Metro Magazine – Letters to the Editor

We have enjoyed a fantastic article in Metro Magazine on the Fishing Rights Discussion and option4.co.nz – please support Metro – buy a copy of the December edition.

Undoubtedly the fishing industry PR machine is gearing up as we read.

We absolutely must put pen to paper - each and every one of us - and express ourselves in "Letters to the Editor" of Metro Magazine. This has to be done now - today - the cut off for printing next edition of Metro is next Wednesday.

This is a very powerful opportunity for us all to be counted – AGAIN.

Keep your letters brief - heartfelt – objective.

There is a change happening in the media. They are starting to take a real interest in recreational fishing.  This can only help the outcome of this debate.

Nothing will help keep the media more focused than positive feedback and appreciation from us - their readers.

The email address for your letters is metro@acpnz.co.nz

Or snail mail: Private Bag 92512,  Wellersly Street, Auckland

Who knows, one of us might even win “Letter of the Month”

option4 Submission.
The final draft will be posted on the site by 11.00 am 14/12/00. The preparation has been marathon. 

It has been so, because of the many well thought out contributions received from all over the country, which have raised so many critical issues that the submission has to be able to deal with.

Thankyou to all of you  who have contributed.

Truly, this is  YOUR  submission and a great team effort.

It is still in  draft form so if you have any comments that you feel will improve the submission, please tell us at submissionfeedback@option4.co.nz

1ZB – Sports Talk Programme – Murray Deaker

Tonight, Thursday 14/12/00 at 7.00pm Murray Deaker has Paul Barnes in the studio for a 1 hour talkback session on the Fishing Rights Debate.

Please tune in to this nationwide program or better still ring in on 0800 80 10 80 and show your support for option4.co.nz

Submission Booklets and Forms
The deadline is Wednesday 20/12/00. We need the paper work back by Tuesday at the latest. It’s quite a task simply opening the mail, never mind counting and collating the submissions.

To all of you who have requested Submission Booklets (some of you keep coming back for more) a BIG Thankyou. Well done.

Thanks again for taking the time to tune in to the option4.co.nz update.

Best regards and warmest  wishes for Christmas and the holiday time from the team at option4.co.nz

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