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option4 Update #4 Dec 2000

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Print this page

option4 Delivers
23 Dec 2000 

Dear option4.co.nz team member,

Well done all of you. It has been a privilege for  the option4 team to have been able to deliver to the Ministry of Fisheries offices 61,483 individual submissions in support of the option4.co.nz submission.

On Wednesday 20th December at 11.00 am about 15 of the option4 team accompanied by some keen supporters met with Arthur Hore of Ministry of Fisheries Auckland office and, with some ceremony, delivered your submissions. Of those submissions some 2300 are online with 750 of these accompanied by additional comments. So many critical issues have been highlighted by you and subsequently addressed in the submission.

Between us, we bring a wealth of experience to bear. Initial feedback suggests that the option4 submission is a powerful, well researched and effective option.  The site will be pretty quiet for a couple of weeks whilst we all have break. Then the hard work really starts. Wow, have we got some big lists of “Things to Do”, "Mistakes Made, Not To Be Repeated”, “People To Connect With”.
If you have any suggestions, criticisms or other contribution whatsoever, PLEASE put fingers to keyboards and put your two bobs worth into the pot.

In the meantime, we wish you all the very best for Christmas and the New Year.

Again, Thankyou  very very much for all your support, comments and commitment

Best regards
The team at option4.co.nz

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