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option4 Update #52 Feb 2005 Print this page

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Fisheries Management

"Stand and Fight" or Kahawai is off the Menu

A warm welcome to all new recipients of the option4 Update - you couldn't have come aboard at a better time.

The campaign to support and resource the Kahawai Legal Challenge is underway – it will only succeed if you commit and become actively involved.

We have put together a Supporters Pack that includes a Booklet and an A3 poster explaining the issue. The Booklet contains 20 coupons (with receipts) that allows you to get amongst friends, family, work colleagues and associates and explain the seriousness of the situation, get them to invest in the campaign, order a Challenge T-shirt and more importantly commit to ordering their own Booklet to assist in the fundraising drive.

To those of you who have followed through and ordered Supporters Packs already – thank you – the feedback has been great. The Booklets we are now distributing are Mark 5, the result of your valuable input.



If we don't challenge the Minister's decisions on kahawai and defeat the Ministry of Fisheries agenda to proportionally allocate our inshore shared fisheries we stand to lose in every other fishery we hold dear.  

There is no time to procrastinate, we expect to be filing our statement of claim very soon and being in court before the end of the year. To do this effectively we need your help. Don't be left without an answer when your grandchildren ask,   "What did you do to try and save our fisheries?"

What Can You Do?

Become An Active Supporter

Order your free Supporters Pack online. Find out how you can really make a difference.



Call: 0800 KAHAWAI (52 42 92) to request your free Supporters Pack.

Online Donations

Use our secure online donation form at www.kahawai.co.nz/donation.php

Phone Donations

To make a $20.00 donation by phone simply dial 0900 KAHAWAI (52 42 92) the $20 donation will be debited to your phone account. Please do this more than once.

Visit: www.kahawai.co.nz

Email:   contact@kahawai.co.nz

All funds managed by the trustees of the Kahawai Legal Challenge

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