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option4 Update #55 Apr 2005 Print this page

Dear [ subscriber ]
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Spotlight on Fisheries (Mis)management

Welcome to all new recipients of the option4 Update – thank you for taking the time to read the Update and keep yourself informed, don't forget to pass it on to others who care.

Thanks too for the excellent feedback since the last Update, please keep it coming. update@option4.co.nz

Fisheries Management

Discussion Document

An absolute must read – a comprehensive report on past injustices in fisheries management, the current situation including suggestions for the Minister to consider to improve our access to important inshore shared fisheries.  

Please forward your comments on this document to us at feedback@option4.co.nz

Apr 2005


option4 Update #53 NZFN

Chesters Plumbing meritorious support for option4, the Marine Protected Areas strategy and the Ministerial Advisory Panel, plus plenty more here..

Mar 2005

Kahawai Legal Challenge Update #6

The Legal Challenge is tracking well. Your support has been great and the team update you on what's happening next...

Apr 2005

Legal Challenge Support Packs

The campaign to support and resource the Kahawai Legal Challenge is underway – it will only succeed if you commit and become actively involved. Please request your easy to use pack now.

Apr 2005


Minister's Meeting Update

No further progress on meeting with the Minister of Fisheries. Fog at Wellington airport has put paid to both our scheduled meetings. We are still hoping to meet with David Benson-Pope soon.

We Need Your Feedback

MFish has achieved their target of adding 50 new species to the Quota Management System which includes important sustenance species such as cockle, dredge oysters, pipi, scallops and tuatua. Follow the process and have your say on the proposed management plans for these species.

Apr 2005


Marine Protection

The battle lines are being drawn in many areas as the public resist DoC's ad hoc approach to marine protection. Standby for a full update on events around the country. In the meantime check out your area here..

Apr 2005

Supporters & Links

United Future/Outdoor Recreation NZ
These people have produced an excellent newsletter worthy of your time and effort - enjoy

Apr 2005


Diary these dates and be there - meetings to discuss Aquaculture Management Areas (AMAs) in the Western Firth of Thames.

Apr 2005

Latest news from the Marine Farm Action Committee. These people are doing a great job protecting our interests in the marine environment around the Firth of Thames.

Apr 2005

DoC Watch

The Department of Conservation lock us out again – this time it is Kapiti Island.

Apr 2005

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