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option4 Update #58 June 2005 Print this page

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United We Stand

A warm welcome to all new recipients of the option4 Update. We have some promising news for you in the advocacy of your fishing future. A historic hui was held to discuss how to achieve "more fish in the water". Other fisheries management decisions are being challenged and more is happening in the area of marine protection.

Your feedback is welcome, feedback@option4.co.nz

Fisheries Management

Fishers Unite – A Momentous Occasion

Maori and recreational fishing interests have joined forces to restore access for all New Zealanders to the nation's marine environment. Read about the inaugural hui to discuss securing more fish in the water.

May 2005


option4 Update #57 NZFN

Public Lose Again in Fisheries Management

Why is that when we catch one too many snapper the Ministry of Fisheries slam us with a $250 fine? When commercial fishers take thousands of excess tonnes the Ministry turn a blind eye and allow this to continue. Read more here...

May 2005


Kahawai Legal Challenge – Update #7

Benson-Pope's Biggest Blunder

In January 2004 the Ministry of Fisheries wrote the most contentious paper we have read for quite some time. Details and what action you can take...

May 2005


Shellfish Submission

CORANZ and option4 join forces to send the Ministry of Fisheries a strong message on why our cockle, pipi and tuatua, oyster and scallops should not be commercialised.

May 2005

Marine Protection

Marine Protected Areas Strategy

An in-depth analysis of the submissions to the draft Plan from DoC and MFish has been summarised. Read why 40% of submitters rejected all or part of the Plan here..

May 2005

Akaroa Harbour

Recreational, customary and commercial fishers all agree. So why have they struggled to achieve local active management of their area?

May 2005

Foveaux Strait

NIWA research into ecosystem management in Foveaux Strait recognises the relationship between shellfish, fish populations, habitat and associated species. This is an exciting and realistic beginning to a coordinated marine protection strategy for this area.

May 2005


Great Barrier

DoC continue to ignore the call for a coordinated approach to marine protection. Standby for a full summary of developments in the next option4 Update. In the meantime have a read of DoC's latest update (March) here.....

Mar 2005


Nugget Point

The arguments heat up as the weather cools on the South Otago coast. Read the latest news..

May 2005

Please Help

If you value the work option4 do on your behalf please make a donation. There is so much more we could do to maintain and improve the advocacy we provide. Please give generously.

May 2005

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