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option4 Update #7 May 2001

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Print this page

Boat Show Here We Come
29 May 2001

Dear [ subscriber ]

option4 are going to be at the upcoming Auckland Boat Show from May 31st to June 4th, so come along and see us there. Stand 513 in the fishing hall. We will be there all weekend so come and put a face to the name and go into our lucky dip while you are there.

We are running a lucky dip and have lots of great prizes to give away. A donation to the option4 fund gets you a bumper sticker and $10 gets you into the draw for the major prizes. We have had lots of support from businesses, donating over a thousand great prizes for the Lucky Dip, so come along and join in the fun. You may win a smaller prize or you may win a trip to the Great Barrier for a weekend's fishing, all expenses paid.

At the show we will have letters for supporters to sign to send to the Minister. It is obvious the government does not take your support seriously enough. Every person who signed a submission to the Soundings process was promised a copy of the summary of submissions from the Rights Working Group. We are still waiting for our copies to arrive. option4 are concerned the Ministry have stated they will not spend $100, 000 of taxpayers money to keep you informed. Despite the fact they started the process and asked you to send in your submission. So we have letters for you to add your name to and sign, to remind the Minister all is not well in the recreational fishing scene. The people want to be heard.

Bring your friends along as well. If someone is not online we have made the decision to provide a quarterly newsletter by mail. This subscription is available for $20.

On a more serious note, we have had a response from the Minister regarding his Ministerial Advisory Group (MAG). You can check out the letter on the site. option4 have decided to nominate members from the team to be part of the MAG. This subject has been vigorously debated. The outcome is we want to be part of the discussion with the minister and we need to be there to find out what he and the Ministry have in mind for rec fishers in the future. We will be keeping you informed as things develop.

We have some new innovations for the option4 supporters. We now have a cartoonist, Alan MacDonald on the team doing a wonderful job of describing the option4 message in a humorous and simple way. You will see these cartoons make their debut at the boat show. We will also be putting them online for you to enjoy. The option4 support team is growing and so is the skill base.

Your option4 team is working hard to secure the right for you and your children to enjoy fishing now and in the future.

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