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Kahawai and the QMS

Kahawai and the Quota

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Kahawai Legal Challenge summary - what it was about and what we learnt


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Kahawai are one of 19 species gazetted for inclusion in the QMS by October 2005. Other species of importance to recreational and Maori customary fishers are green-lipped mussels, mako shark, parore, porae, red snapper, yellowfin tuna and swordfish. For full details on all species read the IPP cover letter and full IPP documents on the Fisheries Management page.

Kahawai were introduced into the Quota Management System (QMS) on 1st October 2004. Before their introduction the Ministry of Fisheries issued their management proposal in a document, an Initial Position Paper (IPP) dated January 2004. Submissions to the IPP were due by 16th April 2004. option4, the NZ Big Game Fishing Council and the NZ Angling & Casting Association submitted jointly.

The Minister released his decision and the Final Advice Paper on 10th August 2004. All parties to the original submission were outraged at the decision and have subsequently taken action to challenge the decision. Included in David Benson-Pope's decision was the commitment to review the decision in 2005.

Another kahawai IPP was released by the Ministry on 8th July 2005. option4, the NZ Big Game Fishing Council and the NZ Recreational Fishing Council submitted on the new proposals. A 10% proportional reduction in catches on top of the 15% cut in 2004 will still not address the issues or provide for a fast rebuild of our kahawai stocks.


To achieve a good level of understanding of complex fisheries management scenarios we believe it is important to read the available data in good order. We have organised the information so it is easier to download and read.

Reference Material

The following information has been presented so you can read it and form your own opinion on the management of this most important fishery to New Zealanders.



Letter to New Zealand Fishing News

Mark Feldman's dismay at the poor management of our kahawai and fully supports the Legal Challenge.

Jan 2005

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Letter to NZ Outdoor Magazine

The sad plight of our kahawai and what's being done about it.

Dec 2004

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Letter to the Christchurch Press

Dr Graeme Bishop gets in behind the Kahawai Legal Challenge.

Nov 2004

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Legal Action

The Minister is formally advised of the kahawai legal action in a letter from our lawyers.........................(Pdf 120Kb) » »

Sep 2004

Media Release

The public have been betrayed by the minor parties over kahawai says the NZ Recreational Fishing Council.

31 Aug 04

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Media Release

Minister botches up kahawai decision according to National's Phil Heatley.

31 Aug 04

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Remiscent of a circus, Parliament discuss kahawai with Larry Baldock of United Future doing his best to prevent kahawai being introduced into the QMS this year.

31 Aug 04

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Media Release

Greens secure a commitment from the government about kahawai.

31 Aug 04

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Media Release

United Future turns the blowtorch on ACT and the Greens to support their move to revoke the kahawai decision.

30 Aug 04

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Media Release

In the strongest statement from any political party, United Future and ORNZ are fully supporting non-commercial fishers regarding the kahawai issue.

24 Aug 04


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Media Release

The NZBGFC and NZRFC joint statement on the Minister's decision to reduce kahawai catch by 15%

Aug 2004

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option4 Media Release

Kahawai should be returned to the public.

Jul 2004

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Letter to DoC

option4 write to the manager of the Marine Conservation Unit in Wellington expressing concern about DoC's inaction during the kahawai process in relation to seabirds and mammals.

Jul 2004


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Stuffing around our kahawai stocks

What will he do? The country's kahawai stocks are about to be divvied up by a Minister of Fisheries fresh to the job and with little knowledge of it.....

Jul 2004

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Who Do You Believe?

MFish still maintain there is no scarcity of kahawai and suggest they have shifted elsewhere......

2 Apr 04

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Meeting Report - Kahawai

Recreational kahawai catch report and marlin tagging discussion at the Pelagic Working Group meeting in March 2004.

11 Mar 04

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