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Letter to NZFN Editor

Letter to the Editor of NZFN - Kahawai Legal Challenge

by Trish Rea

30 August 2006


Letter to the Editor of the NZ Fishing News regarding the Kahawai Legal Challenge October 2006 edition

Having just watched “The Castle” for the umpteenth time I cannot help but compare the movie to the Kahawai Legal Challenge.

In “The Castle” the main characters are bullied by corporates into losing their homes and lifestyle. In steps a QC who argues their case “on just terms” and achieves a fair outcome.

Similarly the KLC team have enjoyed the services of a dedicated legal team at Hesketh Henry and two QC’s. Their total commitment to this “public good” case should not be underestimated.

It goes beyond natural justice that the Minister of Fisheries can allow the wholesale exploitation of important shared fisheries to the detriment of the people of this country. New Zealanders deserve reasonable access to all of our fisheries, not just kahawai.

What should the politicians be backing? The interests of a few corporates, or a secure fishing future for our kids?

If it's the former, then truth indeed is stranger than fiction and proof the politicians, as public servants, are not serving the public interest!

Trish Rea





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