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The Peoples Submission

The People's Submission


More fish in the water/Kia maha atu nga ika i roto te wai


The benefit of all

The People's Submission

has been developed in response to the Ministry of Fisheries' Shared Fisheries proposals for managing New Zealand's shared fisheries: a public discussion paper.


Even though the MFish deadline was 28th February don't let that stop you from telling them what you think about their plans to extinguish your current right to fish and replace that with a limited ability to feed your family.


Submit now and support the team who are working hard to protect your fishing future.

Read The People's Submission HERE!

And understand why we are saying hands off our rights!!

Caution: 820 Kb

The submission has been developed over the past few months and sets out to demonstrate that:

  • The Fisheries Act 1996 already contains the fisheries management tools and mechanisms to rebuild and manage our inshore fisheries;
  • Proportional allocation is not the solution for rebuilding our fisheries;
  • Claims from recreational fishers for less pressure on our fisheries will ease if the proposals in this submission are implemented and fish stocks increase to provide abundance;
  • Cooperative strategies that bring together recreational, traditional, commercial, government and other interests will provide maximum benefit from fisheries.


Big thank you to everyone who provided us with feedback to the Preliminary View on the MFish's Shared Fisheries document. Your valuable input has enabled us to put together a comprehensive response to the Ministry of Fisheries plans to redefine your right to fish.

The People's Submission

The People's Submission

Fundamental changes to non-commercial fishing rights are not a pre-requisite to sustainable management of our fisheries. Read the full submission from the team here........

28 Feb 07

Full text of the submission available here (Note: PDF.........820Kb)
Submit to MFish here, don't wait, do it NOW. It's easy..................................................


The People's Submission is made up of 3 parts:

Part 1 -   “Setting the Scene” – This backgrounds our submission and we expect will be of                       particular interest to the Minister of Fisheries, the Ministry and their consultants.

Part 2 –   Summary statements and introduction to supporting papers.

Part 3 – The People's Submission Background Papers that respond to the proposals                        contained within the Shared Fisheries public discussion document. Additional                       papers are submitted to include discussion on related management topics.


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